Real Gaming ready to launch

Real Gaming, which used to be known to online poker players as South Point Poker, is now accepting verifications and registrations online before it launches its new website. The Nevada-based… more

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Playing the wizard of oz online

Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine

The Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine comes in several varieties however the game in general has the same type of payouts just with unique bonus rounds you may obtain. This… more

tim tebow signs with the new england patriots

Tim Tebow Signs Contract With The New England Patriots

This might come to some NFL fans surprise but Tim Tebow has been picked up and signed by the New England Patriots. Tim Tebow started his NFL career as a… more

recently purchased by Galaxy Entertainment

Big Moves for Galaxy Entertainment in Macau

Galaxy Entertainment is one of the largest investment holding companies that operates different casinos and hotels in Macau. The company is listed and Hong Kong Stock Exchange and it’s currently… more

lebron james Miami Heat betting

2013 Miami Heat Vs Indiana Pacers Game 7 Playoff Predictions and Odds

If you have been following this series between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers your probably seeing what I’m seeing. The Indiana Pacers are actually able to complete and win… more

online casino game boomanji

Boomanji Slot Machine

The Boomanji Slot Machine is one of the newest slot releases from highly popular BetSoft. This particular slot machine is compacted with sharp graphics, music, and of course slot bonus… more

How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat, often called Punto Banco or Player/Banker, is a card comparing game and one where a player has to predict which of the parties involved will end up with a… more

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statistics for the game of roulette

How to Play Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games out there, mainly because of the simple rules and entertaining gameplay it features. The game, as many others, is believed… more

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How to Play Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker, also often known as Casino Hold’em, is a casino card game that was invented after the better known ”club poker” started to gain more popularity. This kind of… more

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