BitcoinThere are many obstacles that any online casino player is going to have to avoid when playing online, more so if they are living in a country where gambling online is not permitted, or the laws surrounding online gaming are very unclear.

In fact sadly a lot of people are put off playing at online casinos as there are no available methods of actually funding their online casino accounts to players residing in their country, however all that has now changed with the advent of the digital currency known as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has not only completely revolutionized the financial world, but has also brought about some major changes in the way online casinos work and operate, and in this article we are going to enlighten you on just what Bitcoin is and how you can use it to gamble online and have access to a full and very varied range of online casino games that you may never have had access to online before.

We are however fully aware that the actual concept of using Bitcoins is a very strange one to many people and it does take some time for a casino game player to get their heads around just how and what Bitcoins are, and with this in mind we have put together the following Bitcoin Casino guide and have written it in plain English, so everyone who reads it will get a good understanding of the concept of Bitcoin.

What exactly is Bitcoin?

All worldwide currencies are backed either by a Government or are backed by some form of asset, there was a time when Gold was used to back most currencies, however this is no longer the case as many countries have their own or shared currencies and it is the individual countries or group of countries that can control all aspects of their respective currencies, and are able when times get bad to either devalue their currency or simply print more money via quantative easing.

However, thanks to Bitcoin you are now able to start to buy, use and trade this digital currency which is completely free of any one or more Governments or countries control and as this currency is not backed by any asset such as gold or silver then it can and does find its own true value.

The concept of Bitcoin is that at any one time there is only so many Bitcoins in circulation, and it is possible for anyone to use this currency in such a way that it is completely anonymous, meaning that at no time are you required to give any of your own personal details to either trade, buy or sell Bitcoins.

There is often a sense of uncertainty when some people first start to consider using Bitcoin as they may be wondering if it is as secure and safe to use as they have been led to believe it is, and we shall now take a look at how you can buy, sell and trade Bitcoins whilst ensuring all of your transactions and Bitcoins are safe and secure.

To start using Bitcoin you need to get yourself something known as a Bitcoin Wallet, this is for all intents and purposes a secure place to keep all of your Bitcoins which reside on either your computer’s hard drive or on your mobile device, such as a mobile phone or tablet device.

There are many different Bitcoin Wallets available and once you download one of them onto your mobile device or computer then you are all ready to start trading and using them.

To get some actual Bitcoins in your Bitcoin Wallet you will have to use the services of a Bitcoin Exchange, these sites allow you to buy as many or as few Bitcoins as you like and you can buy Bitcoins instantly online using many different purchasing methods, and once purchased they are then sent to your Bitcoin Wallet almost instantly.

There is a full audit trail which lists where all Bitcoins are, this does not list your personal details as Bitcoin is completely anonymous, it just lists which Bitcoin Wallet has them, and as such you can always be confident that using Bitcoins is a safe and secure way to move funds around, as is it impossible to fake or have counterfeit Bitcoins in circulation due to this very robust audit trail.

Once you have Bitcoins in your Bitcoin Wallet then you are free to do with them as you please, the value of those Bitcoins will fluctuate much like all other currencies of the world, and many people are buying them as an investment and holding on to them, and many of these investors have seen some huge profits due to the increasing value of Bitcoins.

However, from an online casino players point of view the beauty of having a Bitcoin Wallet is that you are going to be able to play at several newly launched online casinos completely anonymously, and will be able to fund that casino account using your Bitcoin Wallet and also have winnings sent back to the you via your Bitcoin Wallet.

Below we will now move onto looking at the different kinds of Bitcoin Casino sites that are available, the many different qualities and benefits you will get by using such sites and introduce you to a range of casino games that you are instantly going to be able to access and play using Bitcoins.

Choosing a Bitcoin Casino Site

There are a number of online casinos that have now been specifically set up and launched to allow Bitcoin users to access and play at their respective sites completely anonymously, however there are some checks to be made by anyone looking around for such a Bitcoin Casino site at which to play, and below we shall highlight what you should be looking for from any Bitcoin Casino you are considering playing at.

No ID Required

You will be looking for an online casino site that will allow you to fund your casino account completely anonymously if you are a Bitcoin user, and as such this is going to be high up on your list of wants and demands from any casino site you play at.

You should never be forced to supply a Bitcoin accepting casino with any form of personal identification, and as there is no risk to the casino from fraud or chargeback’s when a player is using Bitcoins as their depositing method, then no Bitcoin Casino site should ever ask you for identification.

Instant Payouts

One of the very best benefits of using Bitcoin as you funding method at any online casino site is that you should be getting instant winning cash outs whenever you request a withdrawal from that casino site.

There is never going to be a pending period whereby your withdrawal sits there for days, pending periods are simply a way for most casinos to get players to lose back any pending withdrawal they have, however our listed Bitcoin Casino sites pay winners instantly and all of your winnings are sent straight back to your own unique Bitcoin Wallet account.

Large Range of Games

Please do be aware that there are some hideous Bitcoin Casinos available, and we use the term hideous to describe the range of games on offer, many of the games found at some Bitcoin Casinos are so basic you may be forgiven for thinking that they had been designed in 1990.

However fortunately a lot of the longer established online casinos software platforms have started to allow operators to license their gaming platforms and this means you are now finally able to access and play casino games that are available to players using any other type of deposit option.

Keep on reading for below we will give you details of one such online gaming software company whose games are now found and are available at one of our featured and highly recommended Bitcoin Casino sites.

Licensed Gaming Site

One word of advice regarding choosing an online casino site at which you wish to play at and that is to make sure that the site does hold an online gambling license, there are a large number of completely unlicensed casino sites available online and by playing at those sites you are taking unnecessary risks.

Licensed online casino sites whether a Bitcoin accepting casino or not will have had to prove to their licensing jurisdiction that there games are fair and random and each licensed site will of course have to adhere to a code of ethics and will never pull any kinds of stunts on their customers that could leave them out of pocket financially.

Software Platform

The one major online casino software platform that is now available to anyone wishing to gamble online anonymously when using Bitcoins as their preferred banking option is BetSoft Gaming, and our top rated Bitcoin Casino site that being mBit Casino has this software platform available.

For additional information on this Bitcoin Casino site then do take a look at the mBit Casino website, which is going to run through all of the benefits which you can take full advantage of if you become a new player at their casino site.

What Bitcoin Casino Games are Available?

You may be asking yourself just what category of casino games are going to be on offer to you if you opt to play at a Bitcoin Casino site, for you will of course not really be willing to make any kind of compromise in regards to the sheer number of casinos games you will want to play and you will certainly not want to be limited to playing casino games with low payout percentages or very high house edges when you use Bitcoin to fund your casino accounts.

Below is an round up on the many different kinds and types of casino games that you will find offered at our featured online casino sites that accept Bitcoin, for a more in-depth overview of any category of casino game simply click on the respective link and a full listing of these games will then be present to you.

Bitcoin Slots

You are going to find everything from classic one payline slots to video slots and even a range of progressive jackpot paying slot games are always going to be on offer to you if you play at one of our top rated Bitcoin Casino sites, and as the software platforms are from well known and established companies then you are going to find each game boasts above average payout percentages which offer you a fair and genuine chance of winning.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Low house edge Blackjack games which have variable stake levels and liberal game playing rules are also found in quite large numbers online, and more so if you are utilizing our featured Bitcoin Casino sites, you are not going to have to put up with Blackjack hand payouts of 6 to 5 when playing at our handpicked Bitcoin Casinos as all of the ones we have rated offer 3 to 2 payouts on their Blackjack games when you are dealt a Blackjack hand.

Bitcoin Roulette

The two main types of Roulette games variants are also available and as such you may choose to play the American Double Zero game or for the lowest house edge game then do opt to give the European Roulette game some play time for that variant does of course boast a much lower house edge than the American variant.

Bitcoin Live Dealer Games

You are also going to have access to a full suite of Live Dealer Casino games if you opt to give out top rated Bitcoin accepting casino site a try, and as such you will be able to play in a real life gaming environment but remotely from the comfort of your own home.

As you can see from above, thanks to the newest Bitcoin Casino sites you really are going to be able to access and play just as many casino games online as when playing at any other non Bitcoin accepting casino site.

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