Buck-Butler-CasinoThe name of the Buck and Butler casino site may confuse you a little! However, there is much more to this brand new casino site than its rather unusual name, and should you be in the frame of mind to test drive a brand new site then sit up and take notice of what we are about to tell you, for there are many unique aspects of this casino that are going to be of interest to you.

The first thing you may notice when you visit their casino site is that they cater mainly for Norwegian casino game players, and as such you will find you can set their range of games to the Norwegian language and also benefit from multi lingual customer support.

You do not have to live in Norway to play at the Buck and Butler Casino site though for they offer their range of games in English and offer them to most worldwide players.

Unique Slot Games

Whilst you are going to find plenty of familiar NetEnt slot games readily on offer at the Buck and Butler Casino, they have also got some very unique types of slot games on offer, and not only can you play these slot games and trigger bonus games and spin in winning cash paying combinations, but they also award electronic goods as part of their pay table listed payouts.

These new slots have been designed to award a huge array of Apple goods which is certainly going to bring a new level of excitement to your slot playing action! Take a look over their website for full details of these special slots, for they are slots you will never have seen nor played before.

Generous Bonuses

You will find that as a new player at the Buck and Butler Casino site an instantly credited sign up bonus is going to be bestowed upon you, whilst you are not under any form of obligation to take this bonus if you prefer playing with your own funds only, but thanks to the size of it and its associated fair terms and conditions it is a bonus we think you should consider claiming.

As soon as you make a deposit of any amount up to a maximum of 350.00 Buck and Butler Casino will match it and therefore you will instantly have double the amount of credits in your casino account.

Improved Living Concept

Any brand new online casino is of course going to have its work cut out in regards to offering you something new and unique to tempt you away from playing at your regular online casino sites, and this is why they have chosen to launch their Improved Living concept.

This idea behind this is that thanks to a series of ongoing promotional offers which could see you winning an all expenses paid holiday or a brand new car or a range of Apple goods via that unique slot game we mentioned earlier, you will always have the chance of winning lots of extras not found at other casino sites.

This Improved Living concept also extends to their loyalty club and as such if you choose to play here regularly they will give you excellent playing value via their comp club. By returning to their players more than any other online casino site then we truly expect them to soon become a true force to be reckoned with.

Mobile or Online Gaming Platforms

The Buck and Butler Casino uses the NetEnt suite of games currently, however we do expect them to shortly start adding additional games from other companies, for their gaming platform is a no download required one, so integrating other games onto it is relatively easy.

You will also be able to access the entire NetEnt Touch mobile suite of games as a customer of the Buck and Butler Casino site for they have their own stand alone mobile casino site that comes packed with casino card and table games and a huge number of popular NetEnt slot games.

Why not visit their website right now for if you are in the mood to play some of the very best playing casino games online you are able to do just that either for free or for real money.

May 23, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.