Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine

Playing the wizard of oz onlineThe Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine comes in several varieties however the game in general has the same type of payouts just with unique bonus rounds you may obtain. This slot machine was developed from the highly popular WMS in 2010 and has become one of the most popular slot games ever. The Wizard Of Oz slot machine can be found in most USA land based casinos as well as online on a more global scale. When playing this slot machine online you have the opportunity to play for real or fun money depending on your location.

What makes this slot machine unique to other slot machines is the enhanced sounds and graphics provided along with the story line behind it. When playing this slot machine there is a good chance it will take you down memory lane with the all-time video classic “Wizard Of Oz”. You get to bring back your childhood memories in this slot machine as you help Dorothy follow the yellow brick road potentially winning a fortune doing so.

The Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers Slot Machine

The most popular slot machine version is called Ruby Slippers. This particular game has a ton of wild symbols along with a magnitude of bonus rounds you can earn while playing. The progressive feature is also included in this version which has a history of going over 1 million dollars. To win the progressive you must receive 5 progressive symbols in the middle line during a max bet.

Play Slots like Wizard of Oz:

When you receive two or more symbols between reels 1 to 4 and the witch on reel 5 you will activate Find The Broom feature. In this feature you need to select from the Z emblems. While in this bonus round you have the opportunity to increase your winnings with prize boost by selecting the highlighted symbols you already hit to access this feature. You need to avoid selecting the evil witch or the feature is over. Once you have finished this bonus round you do get the option to have one more pick where you will need to select from the treasure cheat. If you’re able to avoid a witch you usually win approximately 2000 credits more.Find The Broom Bonus Feature:

Crystal Ball Bonus Feature:

One of the lower pay out bonus rounds available on The Wizard Of Oz slot is called the Crystal Ball bonus. To active this feature you will need to receive two of the 4 characters on the first 4 reels along with the crystal ball symbol on the 5th reel. The amount you can win in this bonus round is determined by what characters appear. The max you can win in this bonus round however is just 200x the total line bet.

Emerald City Free Spins Feature:

My favorite Wizard Of Oz slot feature is the Emerald City free spins. To join in the fun in this you will need to receive two or more triggering symbols on the first 4 reels along with the Wizard symbol in the 5th. There is a twist to the payouts on this feature because it all depends on the characters you landed on reels 1 to 4. You can win additional spins, multipliers and wild reels. You can also re trigger the free spins which I have learned overtime to help quite a bit.

Random Ruby Slippers Feature:Wild bubbles can popup anywhere in this slot feature

When playing this slot machine at any time Dorothy’s slippers could popup on the screen. Originally when I first his this random feature I thought something was wrong with the slot machine as the reels was not spinning as I expected them to. But within a few seconds you will notice one or more pink bubbles appearing where they will pop into a row. You can actually receive up to 4 bubbles and the winnings are multiplied at a minimum of 2x but up to 10x.

That pretty much rounds up the Ruby Slippers game features and bonuses. This is usually the Wizard Of Oz slot machine game you find locally and online as the game in general is above par for sound, payouts, and entertainment.

The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz Slot Machine

The Great and Powerful Oz is the community version of the Wizard Of Oz. You can locate this slot machine in a variety of casinos around the country but at this time has not got online. The problem with an online version is probably the fact it’s primarily a community game and the payout chances are much higher when more than one person is playing at the same time.

One of the other differences from this game version and the Ruby Slippers is you only get 9 lines with this one and you need to select one of four characters prior to playing. The reason you need to select one character before you join is because of the random intervals OZ calls out during features. When your character is called you will receive a wish from the good witch where your payouts for that spin could be much higher than normal. Just like normal play when you’re in the community free spin feature OZ might call you out again!

Some of the benefits of playing The Great And Powerful version is the line multiplier you receive based on the amount of your regular bets. If you or a neighbor activates a bonus round you will receive your own specific multiplier that they call the Big Event. During this event the entire community will receive 7 free spins.

Overall this version of the slot game is not as popular as the Ruby version but still has the potential for great winners especially if you enjoy playing community slot games.

Haunted Forest Gamefield Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine

The newest version just released from WMS is the Haunted Forest and the Emerald City Wizard Of Oz slot machine. Unlike the other previous versions of this slot machine you will have the opportunity to win a variety of different bonuses and features. This game is on a completely new platform which now offers true HD quality on 32 inch screens. This slot machine is a tad larger than the others and the video quality puts you virtually into the action.

When you trigger the spinning reel feature you will have the opportunity to go into one of several features, instant prize, or a progressive. To win a progressive payout you must land on one of the progressive symbols like the Cowardly Lion, Dorothy, Tin Man, or the Scarecrow. Below is a list of the other bonus features you can receive while spinning up top.

Glinda the Good Witch Feature:

If you get randomly selected to the Glinda The Good Witch feature you will go into a free spin mode where you will see an expanded wild reel each time Glinda gives you bubbles. It’s pretty neat and payouts seem very good but I have only been in this bonus feature once.

bonus round in the new wizard of oz slotWinged Monkey Feature:

In this feature you receive free spins where the payouts are determined based on wilds selected from the 2nd screen. This is a feature I have never seen before on any slot machine so once you get in it you will be a bit confused on what’s going on. It’s a pretty basic concept once you get used to it as the flying monkeys stick the wilds on your main screen from the mini screen.

Emerald City Feature:

When you’re in the Emerald City Feature you will need to randomly select Z icons in the bonus table. If you’re able to select one of the characters like Tin Man for example you get to move up on the winning pay scale for each ruby you select. Depending on the amount of your bet these selections can add up quickly. Keep selecting until you receive a collect symbol.

This newest versions of Wizard Of Oz seem like a lot of fun after playing the first few times but am not sure yet how it will compare to the other versions. Just like a majority of the time going to the casino I find it pretty hard to get on one of these slots as they usually are full being played by other guest. Your best option is to probably play the slot machine at home where you will for sure be able to get a seat and enjoy the game you like playing at any time you want to.

The Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch Of The West Slot Machine

The Wicked Witch Slot is another slot version of the extremely popular Wizard of Oz. This particular slot machine offer you players a 30 line game with a minimum of 40 credit bet. Its a tad unique to the other versions as the bonus rounds are different than other ones. Depending on your state or country the Wicked Witch machine might offer a progressive but this does not apply to all of these slots. If it is offered you need to make sure you bet the maximum spin on the game ($4) to receive the progressive.

What’s really popular with this version is the wild monkey feature that will land wild symbols on your regular slot symbols. The payouts for this feature and others offered are usually pretty good and of course the sound quality cannot be matched by any other slot provider. Surely WMS will continue to offer new versions and Oz themes to its cabinet of successful slot games. If you would like to continue receiving updated information on the wizard of oz slot machine feel free to check back with us on a regular basis.

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