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Playing casino games on the internet is nothing new but the gaming section has improved far from what it was originally. When real casinos first went online around 1995 they was limited on what they could offer you. Now all real money casinos offer you a full aspect of gambling. Your biggest leap of faith today simply comes with idea of the right casino company for you.

Before playing in any casino it’s best to find a spot that would do you the best good. What type of games do you enjoy playing? Would you like an all in one account? Lot’s to consider but these are a few of the questions I always recommend to my friends prior to even setting up a real money account.

Best real money casino sites:

As I mentioned earlier, if an online casino does not offer you favorite type of games sort of pointless to join. There is now several unique and legitimate software companies in the mix which is a good thing for the industry in general. Each software company brings to the table its own form of special slot games or table games that are regulated by 3rd companies to insure safety, security, and fair play.Real Money Casino Games

Almost all real gambling operations locally or online can provide you a list of games they provide. Fortunately for online players they do not need to actually ask as they can visit the casino game page from the casinos website directly. We only recommended online casinos we have personally played at and recommended and offer fair and fun game play. These types of games below are available at these casino sites along with many other gambling games.

Table Games:

Slot Games:

How to actually win real casino money online

You simply bet, this might not be the secret answer you was expecting or hoping for but in reality that is what you got to do to win. Online casinos are just like any local casino except they can usually offer you better payout odds as they usually have less bills and overhead to pay wages to. But in reality you do have a much better chance on winning real money online compared to any local Indian Casino and that is because of the tools available to you while playing online.

Real Money Online Casino Bonus – Local casinos usually offer new casino players a really small cash promotion for playing in the casino. These are usually under 10 dollars or so and require you to fill out forms to receive a casino card. For folks who only are only aware of playing locally are not obviously aware of all the money they are missing out from not playing directly at home on their computer. Playing online gives you and I the player a much better chance of leaving a winner. It’s not uncommon for good online casinos to offer a good signup bonus and rebate on losses.

Casino Software Game Tip Devices –  As long as if your computer software is not hacking into the casino system or doing something unethical it’s not against the casinos terms and conditions to use them. I personally have never used a game device like this but have heard of folks who do.

Online Casino Payout Percentages – Just like any local casino each online casino has a payout percentage on their gambling devices. When you play online you have a much better chance on winning money as the payout percentages are higher based on competition and lower overall overhead bills.

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s easier for a casino player to win money online. You can also use a table tip sheet much easier at home as you will not have other casino players harassing you to hurry up and make your decision.

Safe Real Money Casino Websites

Since you will be playing with real money and creating a real money player account it’s extremely important to only bet with safe ones. These online casinos listed here are all highly regulated and offer some of the best gaming available. I have cashed out many times in the past and continue to play with them as they prove to be the best out there. I know everyone has their own opinion on who they like the best but from a 12 year online casino veteran I hope you take my advice. Don’t be fooled by casino sites not listed here as they would be if they was legitimate or actually that good to be listed here.

USA Real Money Casinos Online:

  1. Casino Win Palace (Good Option For Promotions!)
  2. Casino Titan (Many Game Options)

Europe Real Money Casinos Online:

  1. Unibet Casino (The Best Casino Slots Online!)
  2. CasinoEuro (Good Signup Bonus)

Australia Real Money Casinos Online:

  1. Canbet Casino (Many betting options, Licensed in Australia, prefers members from this location)

As you can see I did not list very many safe online casino sites as I have an extremely hard bar to please. I just like you never want to be scammed from any casino or anybody so that is why I limited the casinos I recommended. I have played at over 40 or so online gambling sites and although a majority did pay me a few had other concerns or issues like terrible customer service or slow payouts. Please don’t make yourself a victim as I already have provided you the absolute best online companies to play safely at.

Adding funds to a real money casino account

When it comes to depositing funds into your casino account you will first need to determine what your plan is. If you’re looking to gamble for just a few hours or so or maybe just want to test it out slowly your best method to deposit would be with a debit or credit card. Most online casinos offer Visa, MasterCard, and Discover but to be positive you just have to visit the online casino cage you plan on playing at.

If your similar to me who plans on playing more than once and don’t want to hassle depositing all the time you can use funding methods like a bank wire or a basic Visa or MasterCard.  The limits on debit cards very but longer you’re a member at the casino the limits usually get bigger and better. High roller’s almost always have to send a bank wire or cashier’s check prior to playing.

When it comes to cashing out from your real money casino account you will need to verify your identity to insure you are who you claim you are. This is a protection that is put in place basically for you. There is several ways to do get them a copy of your DL, fax and email come to mind.  Payouts usually are received in the form of a check and take up to 5 business days to hit your mailbox. If you would like your money quicker simply request a Western Union or MoneyGram keep in mind you will have to pay the cashier fees on them.

Something I forgot to mention above in regards to online casino bonuses is the terms and conditions that come with them. You cannot simply deposit let’s say $100 receive a 200% bonus and simply cash it out right away for a free 200 bucks! Ha, if it only worked that way. You will need to bet and rollover your deposit and bonus so many times prior to being allowed to cash out. These terms and conditions are clearly listed on the casinos current promotional page on their respected website. I can tell you however if you’re just an average player not even planning to wager frequently you should still be able to cash out within a few hours of active playing.

My Final Conclusion Why Folks Decide To Gamble Online

Each and every one of us have a reason for considering gambling online for cash. For whatever reason that interested you got you to my article and I’m thankful for that. This gives me reasons to believe a, you’re looking for a bettor atmosphere to gamble or b, simply wanting to entertain yourself at home with the possibly of making money doing so. I will never know the reason why you personally decided to join unless you contact me and tell me but I can tell you the reasons why I choose to signup many years ago.

Over a decade ago I was reading an author’s mathematical thought’s on winning consistently playing casino table games. He brought up some good ideas and concepts of playing and mentioned he recently joined an online casino to maximize his winning possibilities. To make a long story short he was terribly disappointed with the service he received oh and the disappointment that came later when he never received his money. Yes he was scammed and as a result he was determined to never play online again.

I started pondering the ideas he offered along with his opinion on the rogue real money online casino. I then knew I owed it to not only him but for myself to find a true regulated and legal online casino site. It wasn’t easy as I asked questions that seemed like for days to many online casinos around the world. Remember, I didn’t want to get stiffed from my hard earned cash either! Eventually through trial and error I found some good licensed gambling operations and actually a few of them I still play with today.

12 years ago it was hard to find accurate and solid information online that was trustworthy. Gamblers now have the ability to get more folks opinions and the ability of landing on quality websites like this one to get them answer they searching for.  Originally my goal was just to help the two of us but realized the only way to defeat the bad online casinos for good was to recommend the good ones to guest like you. It’s been working as a few other friendly gambling sites have followed suit and agreed with my decision to only promote safe, legal, and secure casino sites. There is no reason for people in the 2000 century to be scammed from anyone as there is more than plenty of resources available online to insure you’re in safe hands. Oh and for the record, the gentleman that got stiffed over a decade ago, never did join another casino company. Sometimes it just takes that one time to be burnt that will leave a foul taste in one’s mouth forever.

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