Real Money Bingo

While originally learning the game of bingo a good friend once told me he believed the game itself might be the most popular and highly played gambling game in the world. I originally rolled my eyes as I believed that was highly unlikely but it comes out he was pretty much right. Simply looking back when bingo originally was played in America in the early 1700’s to current day you will see the game played far and wide all around the planet. What’s really amazing is how fast it’s still evolving not only for fun but real money games as well.

As for all other areas of gaming, players need to have some knowledge of regulations and where it’s safe to play, depending on where you live. In U.S. it’s always a major concern for gamblers to find reliable sites online. For bingo players we found good recommendations at for bingo rooms that can be trusted in the USA.

The game of bingo originally popped into my head as a simple boring game old people play. That was clearly a cynical assumption from me and far from any statistical truth as we now understand. Reports have been conducted around the country and a majority who play bingo are equally distributed between age and gender.

Once I realized how wrong my assumptions where about the game I then knew I needed to educate myself on the game and to actually learn play the game for real money before commenting on it. This is when I got hooked to the game of bingo. There is so much more to bingo than I ever possibly imagined and hopefully within this article you will be able to take something I learned and benefit from that.

Playing Bingo Locally For Prizes And Cash

When I started playing locally at the VFW with a friend of mine I figured I would go in and clean house. If anything was just that easy right? I ended up learning another hard lesson and that was these folks might be doing this for fun but take the game of Bingo seriously. As the bingo ball caller yelled the ball people would look on the packets they ordered and marked dotted them on the sheet if they hit. I noticed it takes some training to find the numbers and mark them fast. You can literally lose playing bingo simply by not being a fast player which is why people become so good at marketing the numbers off.

Every week the prizes varied depending on how many people played and if any special games hit the week prior.  One of the better payout promotions they offered was the blackout card. Basically if your card fills up with bingo balls before reaching a certain ball amount you win a progressive cash prize. If no one hits that week it carries over and 1 more ball is added until it is hit. This is one of the reasons many come back week to week and that is for the big money paydays.

Bingo players continue to come no matter what time of day or weather but it’s became quite clear the bingo halls around the world are slowly dying and that is because of all the bingo companies and organizations going online. One of the reasons these companies are going online simply comes down to money. It’s cheaper to manage and on the players side of things there is many more promotions available to them.

Playing Bingo Online For Real Money

Playing online is not only the best way to play bingo but is much safer doing so. Sadly there is many reasons why one would have to worry about their safety but the crazy people in the world continue to rise and continue to harm people no matter what reason they might come up with. Although I’m a healthy decent sized male I would not want to be any woman walking to one of these local bingo halls with money in my pocket. Yes some places are extremely safe but why would you want to take that risk to begin with?

Cash is king and that is another reason why a growing amount of people leave local bingo halls and decide to play online. Online bingo sites are notorious for offering better cash promotions and prizes. The payouts on most bingo games is huge online as there is a lot more players in the game keep in mind however more the players hard to win!

Personally the idea of being able to play any particular bingo game is what interested me the most playing online. You can play pretty much any bingo card at any time and yes this includes games like blackout bingo and 4 corner bingo. These are just a few of the reasons why one should play online instead of locally but in a nutshell you personally will have to determine if you prefer it or not once you try.

Best Real Money Bingo Sites Online

Not all bingo sites are glorious I learned this the hard way. Before joining any bingo hall it’s best you take into consideration my reviews listed here as I have personally went and conquered a majority of the bingo sites online. Prior to joining quickly ask yourself, what you would like in a bingo company? Do you want free cash and high promotions? That’s what a majority of folks want and I have no problems providing you this information.

Best USA Bingo Sites
It’s really a shame, but the fact is that US bingo sites are not that good as some European bingo rooms. However, there are a few really decent ones, with good promotions and payment options, that is worth a try. We found the best sites through which specialises in bingo rooms only for US players.

  • this particular company offers some of the best bonuses and payouts available. Not only do they do a good job running and managing the company they are also extremely friendly and helpful if you have any questions.
  • is another good bingo site to join for fun or real money. Although the promotions are a little less here they do offer something does not. That is the ability to see your friends and family while playing on computer cam. It’s a pretty neat feature and the games offered are generally busy.

Best Europe Bingo Sites

  • I wish at times I lived in Europe full time as this bingo site is personally my favorite. They do not take players from the United States unless you have another house located outside of America. This company has the best promotions and game available I have ever witnessed plus they have some really good contest you can win at any given time.
  • is another one of them bingo sites that offers players a good experience. Customer service lacks a tad but the games and promotions they offer beat a majority of other bingo sites online. Depending on exactly what you’re looking for this bingo company might interest you more than the others.

Worst Online Bingo Sites

  • this is an online bingo company that has done nothing but scam online bingo players and affiliates around the world. They should not be trusted and should be avoided at all cost. Do not take them up on the free bingo money offer as it’s just a way to get you playing there to potentially steal from you later. I personally have experienced such nightmares and my close bingo friend told me he has never known anyone to actually cash out a winner from this company.

Online Bingo Funding Options

Once you create an account with an online bingo company you will need to fund it so you can start playing for real money. This of course is assuming you was not offered some form of free signup bonus to play. This is not as difficult as some might think but basically a majority of these bingo sites offer Visa, MasterCard, Bank wire, and other types of credit cards. Usually once you win and want a cash out they will credit back the original deposit and send you a check with the winnings.

Real Money Bingo Card Games

Blackout Bingo – This is one of the most popular bingo games you can play. Basically you will have to fill the card up with bingo numbers that was selected during the game. The first person that does this wins that particular game.

Lucky 7 Bingo – Game Is pretty simple also known as the “Lucky Game” as 7 is symbolized for good fortune. To win simply cover the seven design in the bingo card before anyone else does.

Big X Bingo – I personally like the games that require lots of daubs as they are funnier than the quick games. To win this particular game you will need to mark the X on the entire sheet. This game takes a tad longer than most and payouts usually decent on it.

Diamond Bingo– Another quality bingo game for sure that offers great payouts and entertainment. This bingo game isn’t called very much locally but is done online on a more frequent basis.

Tips on Winning Money Playing Bingo

I wish I had the magical answer for you as believe me I would tell you but I do not. There is not really any bingo system out there that really puts you into an advantage of other players. Some bingo players prefer to play more than one set of cards which statistically would put you ahead of other players but that’s just because you spent more. I have learned it’s not really a good idea to buy multiple bingo packs as you will probably just lose your money faster when you do not win.

Free Bingo Signup Bonuses

Some bingo companies offer you free signup bonuses and other promotions for joining them. I’m not necessarily opposed to the idea but usually it’s a sign of financial trouble or other shady action. If the bingo sites are not listed above in the best bingo site section we don’t recommend you join with them. I have personally played and defended off the worst of bingo sites imaginable and trust me it’s not worth that so called free money they are going to offer you.

I do not want to scare you off with the idea of something going wrong with you as there are plenty of safe and legal online bingo companies but unless you do your research first it’s just highly not recommended from me. My neck is sort of on the line here and that is why I only recommend a few of the best and safest online bingo sites.

So now you have had the opportunity to view my personal experience playing locally and online I hope I was able to assist you on making your decision with what you want to do. Keep in mind no matter what your choice is not to bet more than you can afford to lose. The game of bingo has a high variance and at any time a player can go on a losing streak. Good luck no matter what you do and feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

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