Real Money Craps

The game of Craps can be played in many different forms and currencies but one thing that cannot be done is denying its mass existence in most land based and online casinos. The craps version still played today was introduced by John H. Winn. Usually all casinos offer this form of gambling exception comes to some Indian based casinos in Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Payouts also very depending on casinos and current promotions being provided by the casino but overall the payouts tend to stay the same.

Play Real Money Craps Online

One of the benefits and reasons I manage my gambling blog is to help guest like yourself choose the right place to bet. When I originally started gambling online in the early 90’s it was virtually impossible to get an answer you needed or accurate information when you did get it. I have played in over 100 online casinos and can tell you right now they all are unique and a majority I would never recommend to my worst enemy. With money involved the root of all evil comes out no matter where one is located and if you’re not careful you could be losing your hard earned money before even getting to play!

Depending on your location you will notice a huge difference in customer service and promotions you can receive. United States members have the hardest time finding legitimate online casinos because the government tries to go after them for not paying taxes on American players. This makes it extremely hard to find an online casino willing to except members from this region unless of course they don’t attend on paying you anyhow. Do not be too concerned however as an American myself over time I have found some extremely legitimate online casinos to play at and extending that information to you.

Best Online USA Craps Casinos

Silver Oak Casino is my personal favorite as they offer great bonuses and fast payouts. Not only do they offer craps tables but from time to time they even offer special promotions for craps players.

-Another really good online casino for Americans is Planet 7 who offers members a great download platform where they can play craps for free or real money.

Best Online Global Craps Casinos

-If you live outside of the USA then your first destination to play craps online is Unibet Casino. This online casino offers you all the bells and whistles on any casino game you want to play. The promotions are extremely decent and the customer service is unmatched anywhere.

Depositing Money Into An Online Casino

This is usually pretty cut and dry on how to deposit into an online casino but if you’re from the great USA unfortunately it usually isn’t. As I was mentioning earlier it’s hard for online casinos to bring on Americans because of the governments interference so the cashier methods are extremely hard to get into place.

Some online casinos have no problem accepting a Visa or MasterCard but there is a chance the cashier department from that particular card issuer could decline your deposit if they are aware it’s for gambling purposes. Your best option on depositing will be with a Western Union or MoneyGram although you should be aware they could at any time block your name if they figure out is for gambling.

I don’t want you to get your hopes up as I have been gambling online for over a decade but I have heard of the worst case scenarios and just want to give you an honest heads-up beforehand. One of the newest options players are taking advantage of is using that new payment processor Bit Coin.

For other gamblers around the world depositing into a casino will be a piece of cake. Most online casinos accept Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Bank wire, and many other financial methods. Usually cash out request from your casino account are the same day but don’t be surprised if they ask you to verify your name etc. prior to receiving your funds.  The casino staff request this information simply to insure you are of legal age and the actual person requesting the payout is you.

General Craps Betting Tips

I have never been a huge Craps player but have learned a fair amount about the game from a close friend of mine who does. Depending on the situation it is recommended to always bet on the pass line which will offer you several payout bonuses once it hits. If a dice roller is rolling terribly it’s never a bad idea either to fade him and predict the casino will win the dice roll. Yes, you can actually wager the player is going to roll a 7 and craps out.

I never recommend anyone pay for any type of betting strategy as the game overall is better played when you learn from your own experience. This does not mean deposit a bunch of money and lose your bankroll because you don’t know how to play but it never hurts to try the game for fun prior to depositing so you can learn how to play the game accurately.

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