Real Money Roulette

One of my personal favorite casino games to play is Roulette. This is a subject I really wanted to discuss earlier with everyone but the time required to discuss in detail was not available. Now that I have the time to do so I hope you appreciate the time it required to do so. Roulette is a game anyone of legal age can play but before laying money on any particular pattern or number it’s important to get a short history of the game and a better understanding on what’s available to you as a guest.

Roulette was invented in France in the early 1800’s and although the game has changed in regards to payouts and betting options the game itself still is basically the same. Depending on the version of the game you’re playing your odds of winning is predicted by a ball that is spun on a wheel that has numbers pained on the wheel.

American Roulette

This form of roulette has a total of 38 spaces on the wheel. What makes this form of roulette different than other forms like European roulette is the second 0 peg on the board. If you’re betting on any particular numbers inside the playing board your odds of winning statistically are a little lower then what you would have in the European form of the game.

Most online casinos offer the American Roulette version as that is what most folks from North America are used to playing. It’s not uncommon however to find the European version online as well just depends on what casino you choose to play at.

European Roulette

Just like the American version of the game you are able to play roulette but with one less zero on the board. Statistically this is the best version of the game to play if you’re playing numbers inside of the board and not of a color or total. The house edge on almost every bet is greater than 5% but consider the fact the payouts are rewarding no wonder people enjoy betting money on this game.

I’m not familiar with any online casino that is from this particular region that does not offer some form of real money roulette. Some casinos will allow you to play for free but just depends on the terms they offer for the guest they offer it to. Some Americans will not be able to play even for free at some European locations!

Play USA Roulette Online

Again depending on your location your best place to play will vary. If you’re from North America casinos like Win Palace come to mind as a safe and effective place to play the game. Places in the United Kingdom however your best bet to play would be with Jackpot Party. Each of these casinos listed above are highly regulated and insured with their respected countries off operation.

Roulette Signup Bonuses

Before joining any online casino it never hurts to look for decent casino cash signup bonuses prior to gambling. These promotions are put into place because the competition available online has grown and is a way to get new real money players inside there casino. You really need to watch the terms and conditions however on these bonuses as most if not all require a rollover requirement and some games do not count towards the depositing rollover. Not to be concerned however usually these rollovers can be accomplished within the same day of joining the real money casino.

Another form of promotion these online casinos offer members is no deposit roulette bonuses. This is a form of a bonus where they will give you a small cash casino bonus or free bet simply to sign up with then. Some casinos allow you to cash them out without depositing but some others actually require a bare minimal deposit so make sure you read the terms on these offers as well.

Roulette Playing Tips

There is many systems people use while betting on roulette but what you really need to understand each and every spin is unique. If a ball lands on odd or even so many times in a row does not mean the next spin will be the opposite. Each spin provides you the same odds as the previous so in this situation you would still only have a 48% chance on winning. Although it’s unlikely a particular sequence will continue to land in a row it does happen and falls within the law of probability.

No matter your reason for reading this article there is a few interesting things about this game I have yet to tell you. Did you know if you add the total amount of numbers on the board the total is 666. I thought that was extremely unique and makes a person wonder. Was this all by chance or designed to have that exact number sequence? Whatever that might mean ponder it as it as the board or higher being might be trying to tell you something.

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