Real Money Slots

Slot machines are quickly being recognized as one of the world’s most entertaining types of gambling games ever offered. Although the types and themes all usually vary there is little doubt of how popular they are. Before going into all the details on what you should know in regards to real money slots it’s important to remind ourselves long term slot playing is probably a losing investment. Playing for entertainment or short term profit is what a majority of players choose to do and is probably the right way to go about playing them.

Real money gambling is done all over but what truly makes slot machines so much different is based on the amount of unique games you can play and the amount of money you can win by betting very little. They call this a jackpot or progressive and usually is accomplished when a casino guest bets the maximum lines and bet on a particular machine. Although the jackpots and progressive wins vary they usually pay extremely well and sometimes up in the millions.

Depending on your location and mood you might be interested in playing online for fun or real money. When you go to a local casino you probably enjoyed some of the slots and want to know play them from home discretely. Unfortunately not all local USA slot machines are available online but for the most part they are one way or another.

Best Casinos Online To Play Slots

Before joining any online casino to play slot games it’s important to determine if they have what you’re looking for. Once you have determined this you also need to continue evaluating the company to see if they are legit or secure because some online casinos are not! I know it’s an extremely sad situation when you cannot trust a website but just like any other real money transaction it never hurts to play it safe and be protected.

Best USA Slot Sites

  • Silver Oak is my personal favorite real money online casino I use to play slot machines. The primary reason is because of the fast payouts they offer and the uniqueness of games they offer.
  • Planet7 is my 2nd favorite online USA casino. Not only do they offer great slot promotions for real money players but they also offer great hourly slot contest for all players.

Best Canadian Slot Sites

  • Intercasino has a great reputation for Canadian gamblers as they specialize in offer the best service for this area of the world. They also offer several unique software providers that offer different slot games then other online casinos do.

Best Europe Slot Sites

  • Jackpot Party casino is probably the world’s best online casino and although it’s not available for Americans yet you would really be dropping the ball if you choose not to play here. The slot machine games they offer are the absolute best which includes slots games from provider WMS.

How To Deposit Into An Online Slot Casino

One would think it would be easy to actually deposit into an online casino but the truth of the matter is it can be a pain in the rear. If you’re located within the United States expect a hard time as banks along with credit card companies do not like to authorize them. If you choose to play slots with the best slot sites for Americans however you will have zero problems getting real cash into your account.

United Kingdom and Canada methods to deposit are much easier than what is for Americans. If you’re unable to deposit into your cashier account then something is clearly wrong with your financial institution. I have heard of very few issues when it comes to depositing with a Visa, MasterCard, or ewallet service from these countries.

Real Money Video Bonus Slots

Casino players prefer to play video bonus slots compared to any other slot machine and are the newest form of slot gaming available. When you walk into a land based casino or any online casino you will see the hundreds of unique video slot options available. Depending on what you’re looking for there is a good chance any online casino will offer you want you would find in a local casino if you search around for them.

Here are a few examples of what you can find while looking for a quality video slot machine to play. Famous TV theme video machines like Super Man, Pink Panther, Price Is Right, and Zeus are just a few theme based slots you can play locally and online. Some video bonus slots offer hundreds of unique pay lines and bonus rounds. You will have to research more on our website for particular slot games and what perks that particular slot machine offers.

Real Money Penny Slots

Penny slot machines can come in 3 line or video slot machines we discussed above. Although the payouts on these slot machines are typically less than higher coin based machines they still can offer you plenty of fun and big winnings. Your goal should be to look for progressive penny slots online where the payouts can be absolutely huge.

Slot Machine Strategies

There really is no true or safe strategy you can use while playing slots for money. The truth of the matter is they are all built on computer models and cannot be defeat by skill just luck. Many years ago some folks was able to confuse or bug slot machines into paying winners but a majority of these cheaters ended up getting banned locally and online or went to jail for their actions. If someone claims they can help you win money with a particular slot machine strategy do not fall for the trick.

On the other hand you can help reduce the amount of your losses if you stick with slot machines that are promoted with a higher payback percentage. Some online casinos and local casinos will offer you the payback percentages on particular machines if you simply ask for it. A majority of the time they will not promote this information so it will be up to you to ask for it.

Slot Machines are absolutely fun to play so if you’re new to online gaming or just looking for some other slot tips prior to betting real money we hope luck is on your side and this article was able to educate you on what you need to look for. If you have any questions or comments to this overview on real money slot play simply contact us and we would enjoy going it over with you some more.

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