Horse Betting

horse-raceHorse betting is a type of gambling that requires not only luck, but also skill and an in-depth knowledge of the horses that take part in the race, their trainers, jockeys and everything that could influence their performance. Making money with horse betting is certainly possible, but it’s not something that everyone can do. It takes a lot of hard work, research and experience to pick the winning horses all the time. It can be incredibly satisfying though, so if you love watching horse races, definitely consider getting into horse betting as well.

There are various types of bets that can be placed on a horse race. The one that is the most obvious is where you choose the winner, but you can also try to guess the place that a horse might end up on, or the top two or three horses. The harder it is to guess, the bigger the profit if you get it right.

Horse Betting Analysis

The horse’s fitness should be one of the first things you look at. Whatever information you can find, will be useful, even if you don’t plan on betting on that horse. Know that horse and everything it can do, at his best and at his worst. Know what each jockey can do with a horse and on what surfaces and types of weather the horse does best. Stay away from horses that have not been in races during the last couple of months, at least until they show that they are fully recovered from whatever kept them out of the race track.When you’re trying to make money with horse betting, you shouldn’t rely on luck alone. Research plays a huge role in horse betting and you should try to become an expert in these horses, their trainers, their genetic legacy that makes them what they are, the jockeys and the history of the races they took part in. Doing a lot of research allows you to understand the capabilities of each horse, and maybe give you an instinct on how they’re likely to do during their next race.

Many horses will do well only on long distances, while others are sprinters that will have a better shot at success in a short race. It’s yet another element that should be taken into consideration when choosing a horse to bet on.

Horse Betting Systems

Making money with horse betting is certainly possible, and those that put a lot of time into it can do well for themselves. A number of horse betting systems exist today, which can be used by beginners and advanced players alike, with various amounts of success. The strategies used by those that do horse betting rely on arbitraging and hedging, trying to make a bet on a horse when the price is high, but staying away when it’s low.

Speed Selection

With this strategy, the player tries to eliminate horses, by using a number of different criteria. One of those criteria is that the horse should have the latest two races done on the track where the race you’re betting on takes place. If the race has three or more first timers, it should be avoided, since they’re unknown quantities that take away from your odds of winning. Horse that get bets are those that were either leading or they were close to the leader of the race, during the last race they did. If the horse ran on different surfaces during the latest races, betting on him is not a good idea.

Dutch Horse Betting System

This is a system that involves covering multiple horses that take part in a race, trying to increase the odds of winning money in it.

The Points System

With this type of system, points are assigned to each horse that is part of the race, based on certain rules. The horse with the most points should be the one that takes the bet if this system is used.

  • If the trainer of the horse has a win percentage of 10% of better, the horse receives 2 points.
  • If the jockey of the horse has a win rate of 10% or better, the horse receives 1 point.
  • By adding the lengths by which the horse lost during the last two races, you get a number. If the horse was a winner, the number for that race is zero. The horse with the smallest number gets 3 points.
  • If the previous race of the horse took place on turf, while the next one will be on dirt, the horse gets 1 point.

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