Kentucky Derby Betting Guide

The Kentucky Derby is an event that takes place once per year at Churchill Downs in Louisville. This popular race is a Grade One that takes place between 3 years old Thoroughbreds horses. This race managed to gain a lot of popularity and it takes place every year since 1875. It’s also known to be the “most exciting 2 minutes in sports”.

This fun and exciting event takes place on the first Saturday of the May month. Even if it’s just a two minutes race and after that everything is over, thanks to the large popularity there are billions of dollars invested into betting and it has a special place in the horse racing events of the world top.

Thanks to the grand popularity of Kentucky Derby you get to find tons of top sportsbook that are covering this event perfectly, especially those that are concentrating on the US market like Intertops, Bovada, Bookmaker and others.

The Kentucky Derby is a very popular event and you get to find a large number of betting opportunities since there are tons of money invested. However before you start placing bets on your favorite horse you need to get a little bit familiar with horse betting.

Kentucky Derby Bet Types

It’s important that you get familiar with the terms and bet types that you have available for the Kentucky Derby.

Here are the simplest bets that are available:

Win – Here you have to choose the horse that will win the Kentucky Derby race.

Place – The Place bets is where you have to pick a horse and you get to win in case he finishes first or second in the race.

Show – Just like the place bet, you need to pick a horse but this time he has to end up first, second and third in order to have a winning bet. You will of course receive a lower payout.

There are also some bets that are considered to be exotic:

Exacta – This is a simple exotic bet where you need to pick the top 2 horses that will finish the race. The positive thing about this bet is that it will definitely pay out well, but at the second time you need to do a lot of research in order to pick a solid mix of horses that have all the chances to finish up in the lead.

Trifecta – You need to pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd horse that will finish the race.

Superfecta – Pick the first, second, third and fourth place horses in the race.

Daily Double – Pick the winning horses of two different races that happen in the same day, most of the time during the two consecutive races.

Kentucky Derby Bet Tips and Strategy

Take into consideration the history of the horses – It’s a very good idea to have a look at the past performances of the horses so that you know exactly what are the trends and what horse will win or at least be positioned on the 2nd or 3rd place.

Look out for value bets – You are placing horse bets at the Kentucky Derby in order to make a profit and this means that you have to find value in the bets that you are placing. Look out for the odds that you think are fair and that can offer you a decent return on your investment. In case the regular bets don’t do the trick, then you should have a look at the exotic bets that can offer you a bigger bang for your invested bucks, but also with a higher risk.


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