Real Money Badugi Poker

A game that has become quite popular lately, Badugi is a poker variant that is very close to triple draw lowball, with a betting format that is quite traditional, but with the hand ranking being different from other poker games that are similar. Real money Badugi poker can be a profitable way of spending time, as long as you know the game well, you practice it and you get experience at it. Having a good strategy in place is important, so don’t rush to the high stakes tables until you’re sure you’re ready.

One of the things that make Badugi different is that the players that take part each get four cards. Another thing is the fact that low hands are the ones important here, not the high ones. Finally, there are a total of three rounds where cards are drawn, hence the similarity to the triple draw games.

The winning hands in a game of Badugi can be a bit confusing to beginner players. The ideal hand when you’re playing this game would be four cards of different suits, and those cards would have to be A, 2, 3 and 4. When you’re playing Badugi, matching suits count against the player for low, but straights don’t.

Playing Badugi Poker Online

A game of Badugi will start when the cards are dealt to the players, four for each one. There are no community cards in this variant of poker, so you have no way of knowing what the other players have. Since this game is a triple draw variant, there are three rounds where cards are drawn, accompanied by betting rounds. Besides the three post-draw betting rounds, there is another one that takes place at the beginning, before any drawing takes place.

During the initial drawing round, the players are allowed to get a maximum of four new cards, but they can also keep the cards they have and not draw any new ones (standing pat). Each player can also fold, raise, and call, the same actions you will find in other types of poker. The game goes on with drawing and betting rounds, until the third betting round. During this round, the betting increment is based on the high stake. After the last draw, the fourth round of betting takes place, and a showdown of cards decides the winner, if there are at least two players standing. If only one player remains, he wins without showing the cards.

Real Money Badugi Poker Tips

When you’re playing Badugi you should keep a couple of things in mind. One of them is that bluffing is important in this game. When you’re standing pat and not getting any new cards, other players might assume that you have the Badugi hand (the four card hand), and there is nothing for you to improve.

The worst Badugi hand you can get is a different suited KQJ10 hand. This game’s worst possible hand is the KKKK.

While it’s not a simple game, it can be incredibly fun, and someone that decides to learn it well and understand it will have an advantage over beginners that want to try real money Badugi for the first time.

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