Real Money Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a type of poker that changes things in one major way, and that’s who you play against. Instead of going against other poker players (some better than you perhaps, and some of them beginners that you could easily defeat), you play against the casino’s dealer. All the players at the table go against the dealer, not against each other.

It’s a Five Card Stud game basically, played heads-up style with the dealer. There is a difference from Stud though. In Caribbean Stud Poker, the five cards given to each player are offered all at once, with their face down, so they’re not visible to the others. As for the dealer, he will show one of his cards, but the others will be hidden. The players all try to get the best hand possible, made out of five cards. The only hand that the player needs to defeat is the one held by the dealer, so it doesn’t matter what the rest of the players are holding.

Playing Caribbean Stud Poker Online

In order to begin playing this game, the players have to place the ante wager, with the option to place a bet for the progressive jackpot (a $1 bet in most cases).

Next, five cards will be given to the players and to the dealer as well, with the face down. One of the dealer’s cards will be shown with the face up.

Those that want to play the hand they were dealt have to place bets which are double the ante’s size. With a $5 ante, you would need to bet $10 to keep playing. The player has the option to fold, without betting, but the ante will be lost.

Once the round of betting is finished, the dealer will take a look at the hand he was dealt. If he has at least Ace King, he keeps playing. If not, he will fold. If he does have the right hand to continue to play, the dealer shows the hand to the table. Next, the players show the hands they were dealt, so the dealer can decide who has a better hand than him.

While the dealer knows exactly what hands are better than his, players should learn the game well enough to be able to recognize that as well. Knowing when you have a hand that is better than someone else’s is one of the most important things you should know in each type of poker.

The players that win receive double the money they wagered on the game, including the ante. When the player is on the losing side, the dealer takes the ante and the bets.

How To Make Money With Caribbean Stud Poker

This variant shouldn’t be considered just another Five Card Stud poker game. Since it’s played against the dealer and there is no bluffing here, you need a good hand in order to keep playing. If you don’t have a good hand, don’t try to bluff.

A good tip would be to always play if you get a minimum of two pair, but you can do it for at least one pair as well. The variance of this game continues to make the game highly popular and is becoming one of the industry’s most developing poker game.

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