Real Money Double Flop Hold’em Poker

Double Flop Hold’em is a type of Texas Hold’em, where the player gets to play with two sets of community cards, instead of one. He uses the same two cards, in combination with those two sets of community cards, creating a hand of the best five cards from each of them. In this game, the community card sets are kept separate, so you can’t combine cards between them. In the end, the player has two hands of 5 cards each, so it’s like he’s playing two games of poker at the same time.

Usually, this game is played in split-pot mode, so if you win one of the two boards, you get half of the total pot. If you win both boards, you win the entire pot. In some cases, the hand that is best from both boards will win 100% of the pot.

When playing Double Flop, a player doesn’t have to make the call for a set of community cards immediately. He can do that at the showdown. In some cases, one player has the best hand on both tables, so he gets the full pot.

Since this is a game where you pretty much play two games of poker at the same time, beginners might have a hard time with it. A good Texas Hold’em player can do well with Double Flop as well, so it’s worth giving it a shot if you enjoy this type of poker. It gives you the chance to stray for a bit from the usual Hold’em games, but you still get to use the knowledge and experience you’ve accumulated from them, just in a different type of game.

Rules of Double Flop Hold’em

When the game begins, the players receive two cards, face down. Once the initial bets are done, two flops are dealt. After the initial betting round, two turn cards are offered for the two different sets of cards. Next, another betting round, and then the dealer places two river cards on the table. By the time the game is over, ten cards will be on the table, face up, five for each set of cards.

The winner of each set of community cards (combined with their own two cards) gets half of the pot, or the full pot if he won both games.

As you can see, it’s not a game that is different to learn, but if you don’t have experience playing multi table poker, you might want to practice for a bit. A good Texas Hold’em player shouldn’t have any problem with this game though.

Playing Double Flop Hold’em Tips

As with any other type of poker, practice makes perfect. Accumulate all the experience you can, learn the best strategy to use in this type of game, and learn to read the other players. Playing for real money is something that takes practice and patience but once you got it down this poker game should come natural to you. One additional tip I would like to add is fact you can get training exercises for the game at Carbon poker. It never hurts to get professional advice from other members for this particular game. If you don’t need it and ready to play simply join Carbon and start winning money!

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