Real Money Irish Poker

Playing real money Irish poker is not that hard if you’ve mastered Texas Holdem before, and you’re ready to try your hand at something new. In Irish poker, the players receive four cards, instead of two. Once the betting is done and the flop is dealt, the players have to get rid of two cards out of the four they hold. The game continues with the turn and the river, just like in Texas Holdem. The players need to use the hole cards that they hold with the community cards, to get the best hand possible, the same way they would do in Holdem.

There is a variant for Irish Poker as well, called Three Card Irish (or Irish Holdem), where instead of four, there are three hole cards, with only one discarded.

Making money by playing Irish poker is not difficult if you know your way around a game of Texas Holdem, but you need to keep in mind that there are differences between these two types of poker. The fact that the player has four cards to choose from, instead of two, gives the game a bit of a kick, with much better hands and more action as a result.

Irish Poker Strategy

The best hand you can get in this game is AAJT, double suited, but there are also the double high pair combinations to be considered (starting with AAKK, then KKQQ, QQJJ and QQTT).

If you want a bit more action from your poker games, give this game a try. It has plenty of action and since it encourages players to think that they have good hands, you have a better shot at making money with it. A lot of players will try to get to the flop, no matter what hand they have. It’s not a wise move though. It’s a better idea to only go to the flop with a strong hand, and when you do, make sure you raise before the flop, so the pot gets a chance to be bigger. Players that go to the flop with weak hands will end up losing in the long run.

After the flop, the goal should be to get a top set, a straight or a flush draw, ace high. Don’t place too much value on an overpair, or on a 2 pair hand with weak cards, especially if the bets are getting bigger after the flop. There is a good chance that the others have better hands if that’s the case.

The reason why Irish Poker can be a good choice is because a lot of players have experience in Texas Holdem, but they’re not sure how this version should be played. They’ll approach it as a game of Holdem, and they will get excited because they can get a better hand, so they’ll bet when they should be laying down their cards.

Making money from it shouldn’t be that difficult, if you take the time to learn the strategy and to figure out which starting hands should be pursued to the flop.

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