Real Money Royal Holdem Poker

If you’re looking for a poker game that not a lot of people know how to handle, Royal Holdem might be a good bet. This Texas Holdem variant uses fewer cards, basically only the ones from Ten to Ace, discarding those from 2 to 9.

There is a limit to how many players can be at the table with this type of poker. Only six players can take part in a game of real money Royal Holdem, a limit placed because of the 20 cards available. These 20 cards are sufficient for 2 cards for each player, for 3 burn cards and for 5 community cards.

The strategy that needs to be employed for this type of poker is quite different from regular Texas Holdem and the odds of getting certain hands can be much higher as well.

The best hand you can get is a Royal Flush, followed by Four Cards of a kind, the Full House, the Straight, Three Cards of a Kind and the Two Pairs. Because you create a hand of five cards out of 7 that are available to you (5 community and 2 hole), the worst hand you can get here is the Q Q J J K.

Strategy for Real Money Royal Holdem

The best hand that you can get in the beginning is AA, followed by KK and AK, then QQ and AQ. You can also play with AJ and KQ.

The worst starting hands are TT and AJ, so they should not be played.

In Royal Holdem, it’s important that you have the high card of very good value. If you get a K10, you’re better off than someone that has QJ.

In Royal Holdem you should learn when you should be bluffing, but raising before the flop is usually a bad idea. It’s a better idea to disguise the hand you have than to raise the pot by a little bit.

During the turn, try to be as aggressive as you can, especially if you have a good hand and there are high value cards on the table. It means that it’s less likely that the other players have a hand that could beat yours.

Making Money with Royal Holdem

Making money with this game might be easy once you get the hang of it, but unfortunately you might have a hard time finding other players to go against, at least if you want to play during the week. You should have no trouble finding opponents during weekends though.

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