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5 Dimes
5 Dimes
50% bonus up to $520
Rating: 10 / 10


Site Name: 5 Dimes
Network: Network
Founded: 2001
Bonus: 50% up to $520
Bonus Code:
US Players Accepted: Yes

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If you bet on sports then you’re clearly aware how important it is to receive decent spreads and juice on your betting activity. Unfortunately for Americans your options are limited but one sportsbook does stick out above the others. 5dimes sportsbook has been offering gambling to citizens for over a decade and have become a must have sportsbook in the online gambling industry.

Within this review we will be going into details on why you should consider joining 5dimes and what they offer you overall as a top online gambling company. One of the only downfalls that I can think of comes with the depositing and withdrawing options which I wanted to disclose prior into going into more detail.

5 Dimes Customer Service

The customer service department at 5 Dimes is available 24/7/365. The customer service is highly trained in answering any questions or dilemmas you might have while being a member with them. You can speak to 5Dimes over the phone, live chat, or email. Personally I use the live chat feature so I do not have to call them up but no matter what way you so choose you can be rest assured you will get a resolution on your first contact with them.

5 Dimes Betting Options

The wagering options at 5 Dimes sportsbook is unmatched no matter where you’re located in the world. If you’re looking for live betting, first half, totals, or spreads for any sporting event they will offer it. They actually offer over 1000 wagering opportunities every single day! A majority of online bookmakers are not even on the same grid when it comes to wagering opportunities.

5Dimes wagering limits are designed for the smaller or larger players alike. If you’re looking to wager just a few dollars on a game or thousands on a single event you can. The live betting limits are also extremely high compared to competitors including the juice that comes with these type of betting. Many online sportsbooks limit the amount you can wager on a live event however at 5dimes this is not an issue as they feed on the concept of another wagering opportunity for you the player.

5 Dimes Promotions

When you decide to join this bookmaker you are offered one of two unique signup promotions available. A majority prefer the reduced juice option which clearly is a better long term promotion compared to the signup free bet promotion they offer. If you choose to take the signup bonus instead you will receive up to 100% of your original deposit that is broke down based on the amount of wagers you take. In reality it’s silly to take the signup bonus and not the reduced vig because frankly it’s just not that good of an offer if you consider the rollover simply to acquire it.

5 Dimes Cashier Department

Currently 5dimes recommends Western Union or MoneyGram when it comes to depositing and withdrawing from your betting account. Keep in mind the fees can get a tad expensive when you’re requesting a payout so it’s best to keep the betting money in your account as long as you can. 5 dimes does offer 1 free payout a month depending on the method you so choose and many folks are patient enough to wait on a check to hit the mailbox.

I never recommend waiting on a check however because these companies at any time can virtually go under and if the check actually bounces it can be some time before your able to get a new refund check sent out.

5 Dimes Online Casino

Not only does 5 Dimes offer the best wagering environment for you but they also offer some of the best payout percentages in the online casinos. It’s no secret 5dimes has been growing and offering members more casino games to play as they have reduced the casino house edge to virtually 0 where members have a legitimate chance on winning some extra money.

Overall 5Dimes is a sportsbook you need to join as they simply provide the wagering events you require and the reduced juice is unmatched anywhere for an American sportsbook. We are confident you will enjoy your time with 5 Dimes and what they offer you. If you want to get on the wild side you can also try out the poker room they offer to real money betters and can be transferred back and forth from your original betting account.

May 27, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.