2013 Miami Heat Vs Indiana Pacers Game 7 Playoff Predictions and Odds

If you have been following this series between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers your probably seeing what I’m seeing. The Indiana Pacers are actually able to complete and win games against the highly popular and general public favorite Miami Heat. After watching this series I’m not on the Heat’s bandwagon either more and by the end of this article you will probably highly agree or disagree with my thesis.

Miami Heat Vs Indiana Pacers Odds

Currently the local bookies and online bookmakers have the Miami Heat as a 7 point favorite or even worse a -340 money line favorite. I’m absolutely puzzled with the fact these are live odds coming from them so plan on going over that within this article. One must remember a bookie sets a line where he believes will receive equal betting action and now who he personally thinks will cover or win the game. It’s no secret a majority of the square public betting world will take the Miami Heat to win this game and with that being said they needed to offer a spread heavily favoring this team so others will reconsider taking so many points on the spread. Depending on where your viewing the totals at for this match up a majority have the total around 180.

Miami Heat Vs Indiana Pacers Game 7 Prediction

When I look to wager on betting events I look for value compared to who I personally think will win the ball game. Keep in mind there is no value in a losing wager but using a more mathematical equation you need to take the personal thought out of the picture. No doubt I think the Miami Heat will win this ball game but with the series tied up with 6 what makes it where the Pacers cannot win? I see tremendous value taking the +7 and the + 305 money line on the Indiana Pacers. How can a team who defeated the other 3 out of 6 games be such a big underdog? Injuries are usually the answer to this but at this time the Indiana Pacers are extremely healthy along with the Miami Heat. Nothing sticks out with a sore thumb on any of the players except the fact some players particularly for the Miami Heat are not playing well.

Bookmakers and Betting Public think Miami Heat surrounding players “due” for a decent performance. How come? It’s been quite evident in this series some players like Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh have not stepped up the plate as folks thought they would. Giving them credit Bosh and Wade played really well during the early postseason games and regular season. Maybe it’s not the players fault but actually the team they playing against? I like this answer as it’s showing how well the Indiana Pacers have been able to limit them by playing solid defense on the court. Defense still wins games in the NBA and folks who say different just don’t know what they are talking about.

Lebron James Does Not Have The “IT” Gene lebron james Miami Heat betting

Probably the most controversial aspect of this article is in regards to Lebron James. Yes I know he is an outstanding basketball player and possesses the talent to score points. Do I believe he is overrated? Possibly, and you will see my reasons why below.  The history of Lebron James in big games during his career has been way below par. NBA fans used to and some still do blame this by the lack of surrounding players. I’m calling them out on this now.

Lebron James scores and I will not dispute that fact with you but at what cost? Shooting at even 50% or higher does not guarantee a victory in the National Basketball Association. To be a special player or a leader in this league you must posses the raw gene to win. This can come in many factors but is used primarily down the stretch of games to close to call. If we go back earlier in this series to game 2 with less than 2 minutes to go Lebron James had two turnovers and went 0-2 from the field. The Indiana Pacers ended up winning that game 97 -93.

Greatest Package Of Intangibles I Have Ever Seen.

Michael Jordan gets that reward and is a perfect example on a player who could get it done when it counted. It did not matter if he was deadly sick or even having a poor shooting experience when the Bulls needed it most he produced. The man had the “IT” Gene many do not posses and  is why he is the best player to ever play the game. Other NBA retires like Larry Bird or Magic Johnson also possessed this talent and is why you still hear about these games changers in the NBA today. Even some of the newer NBA greats like Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant have proven they are stricken with the “IT” factor. If the Miami Heat do not win game 7 against the Indiana Pacers I will not go after Chris Bosh or Dwayne Wade but the source of the issue at hand. Yes, I will extend my opinion to claim Lebron James is the most overrated hyped player of all time.


So with everything being said go ahead and bet on them Miami Heat. If your betting on the Pacers with me simply based on mathematical value or possibly the principal that the Heat are overrated along with Lebron James; you just might come out a winner no matter what the score shows at the end of the game.

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