2013 NFL Week 1 Betting Predictions

Yes, real football is finally back as it couldn’t come soon enough. First and foremost I want to welcome you back to the site for my weekly NFL betting predictions and just like years past I will continue to publish tthem and my personal football betting record each and every week for you to view. Now with week 1 finally upon us it’s time to get geared in early and prepare to have another monster cash out year from the local bookies and online Sportsbooks. I hope to receive feedback as well in regards to your opinion on preseason football predictions and if you would like me to start making these available to guest next year. The idea of doing preseason predictions puts a foul taste in my mouth as I dislike watching and anything else related to preseason football. Not only is it extremely challenging it’s also highly unreliable when attempting to handicap and evaluate these preseason games.

Who wants to watch a bunch of 3rd stringers play pretty much an entire half and have a majority of the starters and other key players sitting on the bench anyhow? I don’t want you or anyone to get the wrong impression though as I’m guilty of watching more preseason games this year than in previous years. The main reasons are purely out of TV entertainment and boredom at home but please don’t let me fool you into thinking it’s not because of the success I also had during the season last year. I really enjoy winning easy money (who doesn’t) especially when all you need to do is select weekly NFL picks!

Best 2013-14 NFL Betting Sportsbooks

Recently I switched a few of the sportsbooks previously used as they offered zero mathematical reasons to continue betting with them. One of the book additions previously not available is now offering sports bettors the opportunity to experience a totally unique and better betting concept then what they have ever experienced. One of the provided benefits is associated with the deposit and withdraw methods available to USA Bettors. This Bitcoin funded sportsbook is called Bitbook Sportsbook. This particular sports betting site offers simple, safe, and secure processing method many online bettors have yet to experience and need to. Bitbook makes it possible to deposit or withdraw from your betting account in the matter of minutes anytime you so choose! Fees associated for sending or receiving is also extremely low compared to other sportsbooks currently like the one you’re probably using now. My favorite perk however is attacking the soft betting lines and low vig they offer. A half point or more plus the reduced NFL juice will have a huge outcome on your season ending net earnings so obviously and statically it made sense to join. If you choose not to that’s your right as I simply wanted to extend all my guest and followers the olive branch prior to you making your week 1 wagers.

Now that I have went over my own personal betting sites let me clear my mind for just a sec as the car salesman vocabulary used above is rarely used. Visitors should also be aware of this year’s week by week unit size along with the betting types I intend on upholding. When I predict any betting opportunity on this website I intend to post the unit bet size although from time to time I might forget to do so. Each unit equals $33 risked and will continue to stay at that number until the end of the NFL season.  On occasion I will risk more than 5 units on a particular event but only done so in limited situations with great source tips. My betting structure is pretty basic every year which includes betting on totals, spreads, money line, 1st half, 2nd half, and parlays. Never bet any form of currency that you cannot afford to lose because ultimately you’re responsible for your bets as these predictions should be used for entertainment purposes only. This notice comes from me to you as a friend or neighbor more than some form of legal jargon but honestly wanted to let you aware of it prior to offering any free or paid predictions for this upcoming 2013/14 season.

Best NFL Sports Betting Pick For Week 1

  • Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos – Risking 4 Units

On paper this match up between the Ravens and Broncos appears to be extremely close and far from the spread that is being currently offered, but that is only if you’re looking at the Ravens team roster from last year. Clearly not the same Baltimore Ravens team, the Ravens will surprise many folks on how productive and decent they turn out this season. Denver and the caliber of team they posses is no secret and will be the real deal again this year especially with Payton Manning under the helm. Since this is the first game of the season I still see the losing team around the 8 to 10 point marker.

After reaching the close final score conclusion I went ahead and locked in the Ravens +11 for 4 units. Ironically this match up is the first regular season game so in hindsight one could start out the season strong being +4 units for the season. If your into gambling superstitions the gods probably determined the winner already so if you enjoy betting on flipping a coin I wish you the best of luck. The best approach however is to follow my old school handicapping methods and doing so already increased your statistically probability of having a positive net unit football season.

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