Guide to USA Mobile Sportsbooks

The sport bettors from United States must know that the options available for mobile betting in the USA are currently quite limited. Their number is a lot smaller compared to the options that an European bettor has at this moment. In order to stay out of trouble, you can always sign up for the mobile sports betting sites presented by us. You have no reasons to sign up for garbage sites that don’t pay and can cause you a lot of stress, especially since you will be losing both time and money.
Another important thing that you must take into consideration as an American sports gambler is the payment methods you will be using. Ever since the UIGEA legislation was passed in 2006, it became more and more difficult to make a deposit at an online gambling site. This is the reason why when you sign up for a mobile sports betting website, you must make sure that you can use at least a couple of the payment methods available.When signing up for a mobile sport betting site it’s always best to check out the compatibility of the site with the mobile devices you intend to use for gambling. In case you own a popular device like the iPhone, Android or Blackberry it’s going to be easier since there are a vast number of sites that offer compatible software.

Bookmaker Mobile Sports Betting

Bookmaker is a mobile online betting site that has been around for a lot of time. In order to place your wagers from your mobile phone you don’t have to download anything. All the betting is done straight from your mobile smartphone’s browser. The new mobile users get rewarded with a special bonus and thanks to the user friendly interface; you can easily start placing bets in just a couple of minutes.

Bovada Mobile Sports Betting

Bovada is currently considered to be one of the most popular US bookmakers at the moment and fortunately there is a mobile version that looks good and works well on all the major mobile platforms. The site is patronized by the old Bodog brand and it’s basically an US sports betting site that is only accepting US players and it’s concentrating on the major 4 popular sports in the US (baseball, basketball, hockey and football). There is a user friendly interface available and you can easily start placing bets with just a few taps on the screen. In case you are not a Bovada member you can register very fast straight from your mobile phone and it’s going to take just a couple of minutes. There are tons of payment methods available and in case your credit cards don’t work, you can always switch to the other alternative payment methods that are available.

5Dimes Mobile Sports Betting

The 5 Dimes mobile sports book is able to offer you full features just like any online bookmaker out there. The software gives you access to a fully working cashier and on top of that there are many payment methods available. The 5Dimes is an old bookmaker that has been around since 1998 and managed to create a positive and trustworthy image of the brand through all these years.

Mobile In-Play Live Bets

The mobile phones have evolved a lot during the last decade and the latest smartphones have similar hardware features to those of a computer. Under these circumstances the mobile sports betting versions that are available for your smartphone are very similar to the betting that you can do on your computer and this means you get access to the same features and odds as you would playing with an online sports betting site . The only difference is that the screen is going to be a little bit smaller, but you get to have a lot more benefits since everything is mobile and you can place bets while you are on the go.

What are the in-play live bets?

The in-play live bets are an innovating concept that took by surprise the world of online sports betting and managed to bring something new. These bets can be placed after a match or game has already started. This means that you get to place the bets after you have already seen a part of the game and this means that you know how the two teams are performing. The odds that you are given at the live bets are changed in real time.

The in play live bets number has grown a lot during the last couple of years, as more and more bettors have started to realize the benefits that they can get out of this type of betting and as people have started to get more familiar with this type of bet and they have started to see the opportunities that they can create.

The benefits of placing mobile in-play live bets

The live bets are able to offer you a better use of the current sports expertise that you have. You have probably experienced in the past the situation where you have placed a bet on your favorite team and only after a few minutes of play you’ve regretted that bet since you could obviously see that they are not in good shape at all. This is the moment when a live in play bet is definitely able to make the difference and offer you some good opportunities for betting.

Since you can place better bets your chances to have bigger profits will increase. Some of the live bets that are available could get settled in as little as a few minutes. This means that you no longer have to wait the full 90 minutes in order to see whether you have placed a winning bet.

One of the main benefits of placing live bets from your mobile is the fact that you are being offered to place a bet after you have already seen a part of the game. This along with the fact that the live bets can be placed straight from your mobile phone is definitely going to make things a lot easier for you to place bets while you are watching the game at the stadium or watching it at the local pub.

Best mobile sportsbooks for live bets

There are currently many choices available for placing the in-play live bets straight from your mobile phone. This means that you can easily compare the odds and shop for the best ones. Here is a short list with some of the most popular mobile sports betting website that offer a wide range of live in play bets: William Hill and Ladbrokes.

Android Sports Betting

The Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices at the moment. There are hundreds of millions of users and almost one million new ones activate their mobile devices every day. Under these circumstances it makes perfect sense for the mobile gambling websites to invest in developing software that is compatible with these smartphones and tablets since they are a solid choice that the active punters have right now.

The market share is constantly growing and the Android mobile sports betting apps are becoming more popular. The Android sports betting is a fast growing industry and now almost all the major bookies have launched a compatible mobile version.

2013 is currently looking good for the mobile sports betting and there are many Android sites popping up and along with the choices that are currently available you can definitely start placing some cool bets straight from your mobile smartphone.

The Android mobile sports betting can be done via two different ways. When you sign up for a mobile bookmaker you can start placing the bets straight from your mobile phone browser or some bookmakers will require you to download an Android app that will offer you full features at your fingertips.

In case you are located in the United States it’s going to be rather difficult to choose the right Android bookmaker, but fortunately there are a few good options available. Right now you should choose between Bovada Sportsbook and Just Bet.

The Bovada is a bookmaker that was created especially for the US bettors. This means that they are concentrating mainly on the US market and this means that you get to find a bonus in US dollars, bets and good odds for all the popular US sports and a good selection of US friendly payment methods. Even if Bovada is a rather new bookmaker, the site is using all the experience from the old Bodog bookmaker that is controlling this site. Another cool thing about Bovada is that you get to have a very high acceptance rate for the credit cards. The Android version of the software runs smoothly and you can easily place the bets.

In case you are located outside the United States the variety of Android sportsbooks is definitely a lot larger and you get to choose from a larger number of sites. Here is the full list with all the mobile bookmakers that are currently compatible with the Android phones and tablets: Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Bet Fair, 888Sport, Chinese Bookie, William Hill, Sky Bet, Legends, BetCris, BlueSq, IASBet, InterTops, Japan Casino, Nordic Bet, Stan James, Unibet and Victor Chandler.

Along with the sports betting, the Android gambling sites are also offering a good and expanding selection of online casino games. Now you can play straight from your Android powered mobile phone a multitude of games like blackjack, roulette, slots, craps and others.

Overall placing a bet from your Android powered mobile phone is definitely going to be a positive experience no matter what bookmaker you choose. Thanks to the lower cost of the Android powered devices and the competitive features that you have available we can definite say that the Android is currently one of the best choices that you have available for placing bets.

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