NFL Football Betting

Online sports betting is currently a multi-billion dollars industry that is available in most countries from all over the world. This size should not scare you since there are always tons of opportunities for you to win some money out of this.

In case you are a beginner at American football NFL sports betting then the number one thing you have to do is to get familiar with the most popular bets that are available and with the teams on which you will be placing the bets. Another thing that you should take into consideration is also getting familiar with all the rules of the game. After that you can move on and gain more advanced knowledge that you will need in order to have a successful online sports betting session.

The most popular American Football NFL bet types:The NFL is by far the most popular league to place American football bets and there are hundreds of millions of fans that watch the games, especially those from Sunday. Most of the time the American football bets will require you to predict different things and these predictions can be done based on your knowledge of the game, the teams and the other factors that could influence the game.

Total Bets / Over – Under bets

The totals are bets that can be also referred as over / under bets. The concept behind this bet is very simple. The online sportsbook will come up with a number that refers to the total number of points that are going to be scored in a game and your mission is to guess whether that number is going to be over or under. In case the result shows the exact number given by the bookmaker your money will be returned.

Money Line

The money line is a very simple bet where you have to bet on the team that is going to win. This means that there will be absolutely no restrained or any other complicated things involved when betting on money lines. You basically need to identify the winning NFL team and in case your guess is correct it will pay out based on the odds that are given by the online sports betting website.


While the props are not just as popular as the other types of bets presented above, this type of bet can be encountered very often. The props are bets that can be seen very often for the Monday Night Football, but also at the Super Bowl grand game. What manages to make the props interesting bets is that these bets do not have to do anything directly with the final score of the game or the winning team, since the props are most of the time bets that refer to the performance of a certain player, different events that happen during the game, the score from the half time and many others.

NFL Strategy Tips

Bankroll Management – One of the key elements you need to take into consideration when placing an online sport bet is bankroll management. The bankroll is very important to be large enough to sustain the bets that you intend to make. Most of the time the sports betting experts are claiming that you have to place bets that represent a maximum 2 to 5% of the total bankroll. This way you get to be safe from the variance that occurs and if you have a positive ROI over a long period of time you can move up to higher bets. Make sure that you keep in mind the fact that the NFL is a long season there are plenty of games and plenty of opportunities.

Look for opportunities – The opportunities are always available in the NFL season. You need to wait patiently until these opportunities appear and make sure you never miss them.

Shop for the best odds – Different online sports betting websites can offer different lines. You need to do a little bit of line shopping and choose the top USA sportsbook that at the same time are also offering you the best deals.

Get Bonuses – in case you are signing up for the first time for an online sports betting website you get to receive tons of free bonuses, that come as cash or free bets. Use these to build a bankroll.

Major NFL Events


The number one NFL event is of course the Super Bowl. This sporting event has such a big impact and popularity that it should be called an unofficial American holiday. Two of the best teams are going to compete in the ultimate NFL event. There are also tons of betting opportunities created thanks to the large popularity so that it’s definitely the number one thing you should be after when you are placing American Football bets.

Pro Bowl

Another interesting event is the Pro Bowl. This is an All Star Game that is available one per year. There you get to see some of the best players that were available throughout the season. The players that are part of the Pro Bowl event are voted by coaches, fans and other players. The Pro Bowl Cup was available each and every year during the last 33 years and it manages to gain a lot of attention. It might not be as popular as the NBA all-star game, but it’s definitely an important and major event.


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