Tim Tebow Signs Contract With The New England Patriots

This might come to some NFL fans surprise but Tim Tebow has been picked up and signed by the New England Patriots. Tim Tebow started his NFL career as a first round pick with the Denver Broncos when he turned a 1-4 plummeting NFL team around to finish the season winning 7 out of 11 games. This does not include the mile high miracle when he was able to dismantle and defeat the number 1  team defense Pittsburgh Steelers in round one of the NFL playoffs.  Remarkably Tim Tebow lead the league in 4th quarter comebacks that year along with having the highest quarterback rating in the National Football League. What might come more to a surprise is after the season ended by the New England Patriots John Elway decided to release him from the Denver Broncos.

Tim Tebow Goes To The Big Apple tebow signed with the jets in 2012

It did not take time for the public or media to get there voices heard on where Tim Tebow should go and how bad of a decision it was from John Elway to let him go. Within days several teams had a huge interest in him and before you knew it he ended up signing a contract with the New York Jets under coach Rex Ryan. His first and only year with New York never got off the ground and some called it a complete disaster. It’s been reported Tim was misled from coach Rex Ryan as he was told he would have a 50/50 chance for the starting position. When the Jets started losing football games with a struggling starting Mark Sanchez it came evident they had no intention on giving Tim a fair handshake.

The media and NFL fans around the league was extremely upset with the decisions made not to start Tim but no one to date has exactly been able to pinpoint who made that decision. One  professional broadcaster that goes by the name Skip Bayless have gone as far as saying, “Tim Tebow has the greatest package of intangibles I have ever seen, he is a force of competitive nature.”  Not many could disagree with that statement based on what he was able to do shortly on the field with Denver.  So who sabotaged Tim in New York? Good question, only the media and public can assume it was the general manager Mike Tannenbaum or the head coach Rex Ryan. Shortly after Tim’s release from the New York Jets, Mike Tannenbaum was fired.

Star Tim Tebow Unemployed In The NFL

Things was not looking great for Tim once he was released from the New York Jets. The story and the media following him made it extremely hard to bring Tim back to the league. No NFL team including the Jacksonville Jaguars had shown signs of interest in him. Although he posses so much talent they was afraid what happened in New York could happen to them. It was reported Tim would try to get his career back in the NFL by joining the Canadian Football League (CFL). But after listening to broadcasters and other professional insiders it only made since he was not the type of player that would fit in with a CFL offensive package that’s traditionally used. So now Tim had to decide on what he was going to do from this day forward.

Instead of Tim Tebow being down and destroyed of his terrible luck in his 2nd season he kept his head up high and waited for God to make that decision for him. If your unaware Tim Tebow is a Christian by heart and puts God Almighty in front of anyone. This is a great thing for the NFL as it brought new fans in from every direction. According to reports Tim was voted as the  most influential sporting figure of the year and for someone who only played 11 games in the NFL goes to show the impact one can have on anyone who gives it there all.

Tim Tebow Signs With Bill Belichick And The Patriots tim tebow signs with the new england patriots

Anyone not familiar with Bill Belichick he is known as one of the best coaches to ever teach the game at a professional level. He has made some extremely risky moves in his NFL career and time again he has proved critics wrong. This future Hall of Fame coach has already accomplished winning 3 Superbowl’s along with winning Coach of the Year so it would come to no surprise given his track record if he had some tricks up his sleeve when it comes to playing Tim Tebow.

The New England offense should be a good fit for Tim Tebow and a good learning experience playing behind Tom Brady. This will give him that opportunity to continue learning and advancing his skills as a QB in the NFL. One thing you should remember is Tebow has never really failed at any level of football. He has shown us time and time again how great of a player he is and what he can do to help a team win when they need it most. This might just become a a match made in heaven.

Tim Tebow Betting Propositions

As we have reported earlier in the year some offshore bookmakers was offering props if Tim Tebow would ever play in the league again. If you was one of the lucky folks who bet on him to be on a NFL team this year you scored yourself a nice little jackpot. Already this year we have some prop bets available online that are offering Tebow fans a chance to win 10 dollars for every dollar they bet he will start in a game this year. Considering the fact of injuries and health issues you just never know, you might be looking at another winner with Tim yet.

What are your thoughts about the New England Patriots gambling on Tim Tebow? Was this a good decision or bad one let us hear your thoughts…

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