UFC / MMA Betting

UFC One of the benefits of real online betting is that a whole range of sports are now covered. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world and hosts most of the top fighters. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport which allows both striking and grappling techniques.

If you cannot find UFC or MMA betting with one bookmaker, you will certainly find it elsewhere as its popularity continues to increase.

UFC/MMA Types of Bet

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UFC and MMA betting is similar to boxing in that each fight has a favourite and an underdog and you can bet your opinion against the moneyline. The moneyline is calculated by the sportsbook and is shown as either a positive or negative number.

The negative number represents the favourite (or odds-on favourite in horse racing parlance) whilst the positive number represents the underdog.

As a simple example: Fighter A’s money line is -200 and Fighter B’s money line is +190. The – figure represents the amount that you would need to invest to win £100 i.e. you would need to put £200 on Fighter A to return £300 on your investment.

The + figure of 190 represents the amount that you would win for investing £100 i.e. £100 to win on Fighter B gives you total returns of £290 including your stake.

Find a Suitable Sportsbook

Make sure that you place your bets with a reputable sportsbook. Several of the more reliable bookmakers are now happy to accommodate you with betting on UCF and MMA fights. By all means check out several sites before making your decision but it is much safer to bet with a site that has a proven track record.

Of course, neither UFC or MMA are likely to be on the opening page of your bookmaker’s website so you will most likely be a fan to be betting on these events. Even so, it will be helpful to find a site that you can rely on to supply basic information. Do not make the mistake of simply finding a bookmaker that advertises UFC/MMA betting and sticking religiously with that site. If you think the moneyline offers value, then you can make your investment.

UFC/MMA Betting Strategies

Professional bettors on UFC and MMA calculate their own lines on the fights before the bookmakers issue prices. In this way they can quickly make a comparison to see if the bookmaker agrees with their own calculations. If they do not, there is a possibility of gaining an edge and the punter has a bet. If you are new to UFC/MMA betting it will take some time to develop this kind of knowledge.

The lines can change quite drastically from their original price so you will need to strike quickly if you think you have spotted an opportunity. Just as in other sports, the bookmakers react to supply and demand and will be quick to slash the odds if their regular UFC/MMA punters are piling in on a specific fighter.

As with other forms of gambling online, the more research that you are prepared to put into it, the better your chances are of showing a profit. It is no good relying on the same information that is available to every punter up and down the country.

If you have the time to do your own research, watch fight videos to get a clear idea of a fighter’s style and their strengths and weaknesses. The bookmakers employ their own specialists to set the line on fights so you will need to match their expertise in order to simply break even.

With UFC/MMA markets being relatively new territory, it is still possible for the occasional mistake to be made. By shopping around the various sportsbooks, you can sometimes find quite a difference of opinion. The smaller the bookmakers profit margin, the better the prospects for the punter.

You should always keep records of your bets to monitor your progress. Although it may be painful to look back on past mistakes it is useful to find out where you went wrong and making changes to your strategy as a result.

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