Virtual Football

Virtual FootballThe first question you may have about a virtual football match is do you really have to sit through 90 minutes of soccer action before you find out if you have placed a winning bet? Well, fortunately when you do place a virtual football bet (or Soccer for you Americans) for real money, the animated video broadcast of the match itself just shows you the highlights of the game.

This means that you will still get the enjoyment out of the match, by watching any corners, penalties and other events that happen as the match unfolds along of course with seeing each and every goal scored, but you do not have to watch the entire match as it is condensed down to just the highlights which lasts around 30 seconds!

You will hear in addition to the video of the match a running commentary along with an onscreen indicator of the current score as the highlights are played out. Below is an overview of the huge number of wagering possibilities that exists on every single virtual football match.

Type of Bets Available

There are many kinds of wagers you are allowed to place in these kind of matches and that is probably the reason that this is one of the most popular of all virtual betting events in terms of the betting volume and number of wagers placed on such events.

Below you will find an overview of each of the different kinds of virtual football bets that you can place, have a good look through this list for we guarantee some of these bet types will appeal to you.

90 Minutes Bet – There are just three betting opportunities offered on the 90 Minutes Bet, you can bet on either side to win the match outright or whether the match will end in a draw.

Correct Score Bet – You will of course be given the option of correctly predicting what the score will be after 90 minutes of play, each score will have its own set of odds on offer dependent on each team’s chances of scoring and the number of goals scored.

This type of bet will give you the biggest range of betting options, so it may just appeal to you if you are looking for some of the more unusual betting opportunities that can offer some huge payout odds.

Total Goals Bet – You can also bet on just how many or how few goals will be scored during any one single virtual football match, again a diverse spread of betting options and odds are on offer on each match played.

Double Chance Bet – The Double Chance betting opportunity will give you more chances of actually having a winning bet for when you place this type of bet you can choose to bet on either one side to win or the game to end in a draw or you can choose to bet that one of the sides will but that the game will not end in a draw.

The odds offered on this type of wager, as shown below, are reflective of your overall winning chances but sadly these odds can often be very restrictive.

Over/Under Bet – There are just two different outcomes when you place an Over and Under type of virtual football wager, and when you place such a wager you need to decide whether the game will end with under a certain amount of goals being scored or over a certain amount of goals being scored.

Take a look at the betting market guide below for you will see these two types of wagering opportunities that were on offer recently along with the odds available on that previously played match.

Asian Handicap Bet – When you place an Asian Handicap type of wager then you will notice that the underdog in the match is given a head start and the team that is the favourite to win the match in the match betting market is given the opposite. This will therefore mean the odds on offer on an Asian Handicap are equal due to the goal difference.

Betting Market Example

To give you an idea of the type of betting markets and the respective odds you will find offered to you on a virtual football match, below we have listed a recent virtual match played between the virtual teams San Marino and Serbia, below are all of the available odds before the game got underway, plus in case you were wondering we have also listed the final score of the match. The odds below are in UK format but of course you can choose your preferred odds format at the bookmakers we recommend.

90 Minutes: San Marino 9/2, Draw 12/5, Serbia 4/7.

Correct Score San Marino to Win: San Marino 1-0 9/1, San Marino 2-0 40/1, San Marino 2-1 25/1, San Marino 3-0 66/1, San Marino 3-1 66/1, San Marino 4-0 80/1.

Correct Score Draw: Draw 0-0 6/1, Draw 1-1 6/1, Draw 2-2 18/1.

Correct Score Serbia to Win: Serbia 1-0 4/1, Serbia 2-0 5/1, Serbia 2-1 6/1, Serbia 3-0 10/1, Serbia 3-1 10/1, Serbia 4-0 33/1.

Total Goals: 0 6/1, 1 11/4, 2 9/4, 3 11/4, 4 9/2.

Double Chance: San Marino or Draw 11/10, Draw or Serbia 1/11, San Marino or Serbia 1/25.

Over/Under: Over 2.5 5/4, Under 2.5 4/9.

Asian Handicap: San Marino (0.75) +0.75 1.83 – Serbia (-0.75) -0.75 1.83.

Result: San Marino 0 – Serbia 2.

The over-round of the above 90 minute betting market is 111.2%.

The odds you will be offered on any one single match are never going to change, for unlike real life football matches on which bookmakers and sports betting sites tend to alter the odds based on the volume of money placed on one team, these virtual matches are fixed odds which means you will never lose out by a drop in the value of the odds offered.

Where to Place Virtual Football Bets

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