Virtual Greyhound Racing

Virtual BettingWhen you visit a greyhound track you will of course have to pay to get there, maybe pay to park your car and pay an entrance fee, then you will have ongoing expenses whilst at the track in regards to food and drink, however by logging onto a betting site offering virtual greyhound races your only expense will be the cost of your wagers.

This environment really is as good, if not better, than visiting your local dog track and with races running every few minutes, and with each virtual dog race being broadcast live with in-race commentary there really is a lot to like about this new betting medium.

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Have a look at the benefits of placing virtual greyhound bets and wagers below, and if you like what you read then make sure you visit our featured virtual sports betting site listed at the foot of this page.

Type of Bets Available

The available bet types that are on offer on every single virtual grey hound race are exactly the same as you find offered on real life greyhound races, and as such you can have just as much fun and winning opportunities by sitting at home and placing those wagers instead of having to make a visit to your local greyhound track.

Win Bet – If any one of the six greyhounds that are running in a race takes your eye then you will find the odds of that dog alongside its name in the betting market, if you think it has a good chance of winning then by placing what is known as a Win Bet you will, if the dog then passes the finish line in first place, then be paid out at the odds shown in relation to the amount of cash you wagered.

Each Way Bet – Should you be unsure whether your selection is going to finish in first place, but you are convinced it will finish in either first or second place then if you place an Each Way Bet you will have it covered to finish either first or second.

An Each Way bet is a two part bet with one stake being placed on the dog winning, and the second part will pay out a percentage of the win odds if your dog comes in second place.

If your dog finishes in first place and you have placed an Each Way Bet then you are paid out for the win part of the bet and also paid out for the Place part of the bet.

Forecast Bet – One bet that will enhance your viewing pleasure of any virtual greyhound race and one that is guaranteed to give you lots of excitement is the Forecast Bet.

This type of wager requires you to pick two dogs in any race that you think are going to finish first and second in the correct order, or you can place a permutation type of Forecast Bet, which will entail you picking two or more dogs and should any of your selections finish first and second a winning payout will be coming your way!

Tricast Bet – A bet that is quite similar to the Forecast Bet is the Tricast Bet, with the only difference being that  you have to pick the three dogs that are going to finish the virtual dog race in first, second and third position, you can do a Straight Tricast and this bet will see you having to pick the first three finishers n the correct order, or you can perm three or more dogs together and this will require a much larger stake to cover every permutation of first, second and third!

Forecast and Tricast Dividends – Once a virtual race has been run both a Forecast and Tricast dividend is declared, this is declared to a 1.00 stake, and as such if you have placed less or more than 1.00 on a winning Forecast or Tricast bet then you are paid out a pro rata payout based on that dividend and your staked amount.

Betting Market Example

To give you an idea of the type of betting markets on these events, below is one recently run race at the Sheffingham Park virtual track, you will find the odds that were on offer on each dog and also listed is the final result of this race.

Both the Tricast and Forecast dividend is listed below for this race and we have worked out the over-round of the betting market, which as you will discover is not too restrictive.

Greyhounds and Odds: Trap 1: Alpha Male 11/4 – Trap 2: Vinnie Spokes 13/2 – Trap: 3 Go Getter 5/2 – Trap 4: Just Jazz 4/1 – Trap 5: The Straggler 5/1 – Trap 6: Manoo Mission 6/1.

Result: 1st Trap: 3 Go Getter 5/2, 2nd Trap 5: The Straggler 5/1, 3rd Trap 6: Manoo Mission 6/1.

Forecast Dividend: 16.02 (paid to a 1.00 stake).

Tricast Dividend: 68.10 (paid to a 1.00 stake).

The over-round of the above virtual greyhound race is 119.5%.

One of the benefits of placing a virtual greyhound wager is that the betting market is static, by this we mean the odds on any greyhound in any race are not going to move no matter how much money has been wagered on any greyhound.  This means if you have bet on a greyhound and its odds are 10 to 1 then if that greyhound wins you will be paid out at 10 to 1.

Where to Place Virtual Greyhound Racing Bets

The top virtual betting site is by far PaddyPower in our opinion, as they have virtual greyhound races running 24 hours a day, and with a new race starting every 3 minutes whenever you choose to log on from your computer or mobile device you will never be far away from the action.

With lots of ongoing promotions and special betting opportunities offered this betting site is going to offer you every type of virtual sporting wager you could ever wish to place and a whole lot more besides.

Visit their website today to see these virtual greyhound races in action, you do not need to sign up to watch the races being run, but when you do you can then put your money down and if you do let’s hope your selection leads the way.

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