virtual horsesIt may be known as the sport of Kings however there is nothing Royal about watching a horse you have placed a wager on fall as it is galloping around a racecourse, nor is there anything as disappointing as having your horse disqualified from first place after a Steward’s Enquiry or an Objection by one of the other riders.

However those days are long gone thanks to the advent of virtual horse racing. You can now bet on nonstop virtual races which are running every 3 minutes, and with a plethora of wagering opportunities and with live video streaming and commentary of each virtual horse race, it is the next best thing to betting at a racecourse.

Below is an overview of this new way of having a bet, and remember with no fallers or Steward’s Enquiries or Objections you will certainly be getting plenty of winning opportunities without the more annoying aspects of horse racing.

Type of Bets Available

There are four different types of wagers offered on most virtual horse races online, and to give you an idea of what these bets are we have listed and overview of them below.

Win Bet – The most commonly placed bet type available on all virtual horse races is the Win bet, all you need to do to place this wager is to select which horse you think will win the next race and then choose your wager! The odds offered on that selection in the betting market will be the payout odds your bet will be settled at.

Each Way Bet – If you place an Each Way wager on any horse running in a virtual race then your bet is made up of two bets in total, the first is a Win bet (see above) and the second bet is one in which you will be paid out for this bet a percentage of the winning odds when your horse finishes in any of the placed positions in that race. The number of placed positions will be determined by just how many runners there are in the virtual horse race you are betting on.

Forecast Bet – You can also place what is known as a Forecast bet on any virtual horse race, on this type of bet you need to pick which horses you think are going to finish in first and second place. You can pick the horses you will think will finish first and second in the correct order, or perm two or more selections together and as long as you have selected the horse in the first and second position you are rewarded with a winning payout.

Tricast Bet – The bet which will return the largest payouts is the Tricast bet, here you need to pick the horses you think will come first, second and third in any one single virtual horse race. You need to name the horses you think will finish first, second and third in the correct order to win this type of bet.

However, you can perm as many runners together as you like on a reverse Tricast Bet, but each permutation needs to have its own stake amount, so perming 3 runners to finish first, second and third in any order will mean you need to place 6 bets in total to cover every permutation!

Be aware that the Forecast and Tricast winning dividends are declared to a 1.00 stake, and if your wagered amount is less than 1.00 then you will be paid out a proportion of the winning dividend depending on your wagered amount. So for example a winning 0.10 Forecast bet will see you being paid 10% of the winning dividend.

Betting Market Example

Below is an example of one recently run virtual horse race, this was a 15 runner race at the New Forrest Park virtual race course. Below are the odds offered on each runner in this race, and you will also find the result with both the Forecast and Tricast dividends. We have also worked out the betting markets over-round figure.

Horses and Odds: Forum Against Em 4/1 – Gaolgate Staff 6/1 – Willerby Wisp 7/1 – Corporation Roadside 8/1 – Aylsham Hardy 9/1 – Workington Mighty 10/1 – Ulverston Heights 12/1 – Tunbridge Wellies 14/1 – Clearwater Bay 16/1 – Maidstone Weep 16/1 – Burwell Flurry 20/1 – Bryn Bran Brew 20/1 – Swanage Success 25/1 – Southgate Priory 25/1 – Conwy Fold 66/1.

Result: 1st Bryn Bran Brew 20/1, 2nd Corporation Roadside 8/1, 3rd Tunbridge Wellies 14/.

Forecast Dividend: 168.21 (paid to a 1.00 stake).

Tricast Dividend; 2387.97 (paid to a 1.00 stake).

The over-round of the above virtual horse race is 121.8%.

Please note that the odds do not change on a virtual horse race, as all races are known as fixed odds betting events, and as such the odds you see and take are the ones that you are paid out at, irrespective of the volume of money placed on any one runner.

Where to Place Virtual Horse Racing Bets

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