Virtual Motor Racing

virtual-motorraceYou really should take a look at a virtual motor racing event in play, for this brand new way of having a wager is going to blow you away with crystal clear animations and excellent and realistic sound effects and in-race commentary.

Each virtual motor racing event at our feature betting site listed below will see twelve virtual drivers make two laps of the race track, and you are able to place a whole plethora of different types of wagers on who you think is going to win or get placed in each virtual race.

There is a new virtual motor racing event every 3 minutes, and in the build up to each race you will be presented with, via the only screen video broadcast of the event, a rundown of each driver and their respective odds, and then as the clock ticks down to zero the excitement mounts until the starter announces that the drivers should start their engines.

Each race is broadcast live via the video stream and a live audio commentary is also available, and to ensure you always know where your selection is in the race you will see each driver’s position in the race being shown as the foot of the screen.

Type of Bets Available

There are a straight forward set of wagering options available on every single virtual motor racing event, and as you may be new to this new and exciting world of virtual betting then allow us to guide you through the many different kinds of wagers you can place on these types of sporting fixtures.

Win Bet – You will probably already be more than fully aware of what a Win Bet is, this is a single wager which is placed on any of the drivers about to take part in an up and coming virtual motor racing event. You will see the odds of your driver alongside his name in the betting market and you can place as much or as little on any driver as you so desire, if that driver wins the race then you win your bet and are paid out at the odds taken it is as simple as that!

Each Way Bet – When you place an Each Way bet on a 12 driver virtual motor race you are placing two separate but linked bets. Your first bet is a Win Bet as described above, and the second bet is covering your chosen driver to be placed in the race, a winning place payout is awarded to you when your chosen driver finishes first, second or third.

Forecast Bet – A Forecast Bet will see you needing to pick the first and second placed drivers in any virtual motor racing event, you can opt to pick just two drivers and hope they finish first and second in the order you selected, or you can perm together several drivers, and if any of them finish in first and second place you are a winner.

Tricast Bet – Should you be the type of bettor who looks to get the maximum winning payouts when having a gamble then it will be the Tricast betting opportunities that may be of interest to you, for on these types of wagers some huge winning payouts are possible when gambling for low amounts.

You can place a Straight Tricast Bet or a Permutation type of Tricast Bet, the former will see you having to pick, in the correct order, the first three finishers in any one single virtual motor race, the second bet allows you to pick the first three placed drivers in any order, however the more drivers you perm together the bigger the size of your bet will become.

Forecast and Tricast Dividends – There will be both a Forecast and a Tricast Dividend declared on screen after each race has taken place, this is declared to a 1.00 stake and should you have placed a wager for more or less than 1.00 then it is simply settled at a pro rate of the declared dividend.

Betting Market Example for Animated Motor Races

You may be wondering what kind of betting market is going to be offered on a virtual motor racing event, and as such below you will find information on a recently run race held at the virtual race track that is Hammerdown. As you can see from the odds listed below every single driver in the race has his own set of odds and you are free to place a wager on any driver who takes your eye.

Drivers and Odds: Darren Barnett 9/2 – Paddy Duncannon 9/2 – Leigh Clewlow 5/1 – Niel Smith 6/1 – Toby Gracey 8/1 – Martin Damon 9/1 – Troy Hasselhoff 11/1 – Chris Jobbins 12/1 – Dave Ironside 16/1 – Ross Burgess 20/1 – Ivan O Chance 20/1 – Peter Notely 33/1.

Result: 1st Paddy Duncannon 9/2, 2nd Troy Hasselhoff 11/1, 3rd Martin Damon 9/1.

Forecast Dividend: 61.50 (paid to a 1.00 stake).

Tricast Dividend: 561.30 (paid to a 1.00 stake).

The over-round of the above virtual motor racing event is 122.8%.

One thing to keep in mind is that as each virtual motor race is a fixed odds betting event, then no matter how great or small the volume of money wagered on any of the drivers is, the odds will always remain the same. So the odds you see and the odds you take are going to be the odds used to pay you out your winnings, if of course you select the winning driver. 🙂

Where to Bet on Virtual Motor Racing

There are not that many online betting sites that offer you a full and comprehensive array of different virtual sporting events, however one betting site that does and one that we are more than happy to showcase to you is the Paddy Power site. This bookmaker does also take most bets on mobile and other devices such as iPad etc.

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